Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Month Anniversary Pics...

Well here we are!!PICTURE DAY!! It's been exactly 1 month to the day since I started this journey. I am filled with such emotion at this moment, I can barely put it into words. I never dreamed that I would even make it this far. I've tried so many times before and so many different ways to lose this weight with little to no success!! I finally feel that I'm on my way and nothing will get in my way!!

Now here I stand. I've completed one solid month of proper dieting and exercise; doing it the right way!! I'm so proud of this accomplishment because it gives me a little more hope that I will make it to the finish line. This is unchartered territory for me and so far, I'm excited, nervous, proud, pumped and I'm loving it!!

Anyway, I give you my first anniversary pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please be honest guys!! If you don't see much of a difference tell me!! Tell me!! Personally I see a huge difference but I won't say where until a later post (I'm quite emotional today). I just want to see if you guys notice a difference or same as me, or not at all... I am very happy with the progress thus far!!! Wow and to think, I lost only (not ONLY, but in the grand scheme of things - 16 pounds)!! What a difference 16 pounds makes.

Front: Dec 10, 2008 - 258lbs (top) Front: Jan 10, 2009 - 242lbs (bottom)

Side: Dec 10/08 - 258lbs (top) Side: Jan 10/09 - 242lbs (bottom)

Back: Dec 10/08 - 258lbs(top) Back: Jan 10/09 - 242lbs (bottom)


Anonymous said...

Great job Joania, Keep up the hard work.

Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference!!! You should be posting inches lost too... (Hope your measuring that too)

Looking fabulous!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Keep your head high - the results are there!

Xo Holly

Shannon said...

HOLY CRAP - Yes you can notice - Your arms touched the side of you now you can see wall and the side view your arms look a whole lot smaller now - There's my brutal honesty and trust me - ask anyone who knows me you want honesty I wont lie (I hate that) - I was not expecting (to be honest) to see a difference - i mean come on 16 lbs when you want to lose 101 - but boy Joania what a motivation for you and your followers the change is huge! I can't wait for next month.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a difference already! Way to go! :D


Lagana Fitness said...

Wow. huge difference.. your midsection and face, shoulders and arms mostly.. however your posture has also improved and your lower body is trailing right behind.. Your on target.. Great Great Job !!


Anonymous said...

Yes! i see a difference in the stomach and obliques...but wait a minute, I thought those were the most difficult places to lose? Keep it up Joan, looking good and hey at the rate you are going by next month we will have a little unsticking LOL ( inside joke)

Anonymous said...

You are doing excellently. Don't let anything make your determination waiver. The difference is clear to me in these pics. Your mid section is leaner and your glutes and thighs. Remember to focus most on keeping to the routine, its a lifestyle more than anything else. Keep it up my friend.

Jill Meaklim said...

WOW...look at that waist! You GO girl!!

So happy for you, that's amazing work Joania! I'm SO very proud of you!

Jill xx

Anonymous said...

By the way, that's a great Michael Jackson song!! Get's the groove going girl!


Katschi (Karen) said...

I was greeted by Patti LaBelle singing "Somebody Loves You Baby" ... just what I needed to hear!
Joania, I'd say that it looks like you've lost WAY MORE than 16 lbs judging by your pics. It shows all over ~~ from your face, neck, boobs (sorry), abdomen, back, legs......
I know exactly how you feel about THIS time being THE time that it's working. I'm so very happy for you!!!
I love your "2009 is 2000 MINE"
What a neat person you are!
I'm looking forward to sharing in your success!

Deacon King said...

16 pounds makes a lot of difference apparently. This is a good start and keep on keeping on!


Skye's the Limit said...

I can definitely tell a difference! Wow! What an incentive to lose 16 pounds! :o)

Joania said...

THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I'm on such a wonderful high right now (No, i did not smoke anything)!!!!!! It's awesome.
Katschi - thanks so much for the nice comments - I love your blog and always look forward to your posts - love your sense of humour!!!Thanks!!

Janet said...

Your looking good..I see a big difference. Keep up the hard work. Once you are determined to achieve your goal, nothing and nobody can get in the what are you eating and how are your workouts structured?
take care