Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two-Thousand-MINE!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi guys,

2009 will be MINE, in fact from now on, I'm calling it "Two-thousand-MINE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've just returned from meeting and working out with my trainer today and I feel AWESOME!! I feel so strong and just good. I almost can't put it into words. I'm so excited and happy, it's almost like I'm on some sort of high - my trainer says it's endorphins (don't know if I spelled that right)!! Whatever it is, this is just such a good feeling. I've been humming and singing R.Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" all day - I know, it's corny but it's true..that's what's on my mind!! It's wonderful! I'm such a cornball!!:)

Rob (trainer) was pleased with my progress thus far but he killed my arms/shoulders today by adding a few extra boxing moves to the routine...My arms were just burning and was crazy. What's really cool, is that I'm starting to notice some definition in my arms, legs, neck...I can't wait to see my pics..I'm really hoping the changes will be visible. I can't believe the differences I'm feeling in such a short period of time. I'm breathing so much easier than before and you should see me run up and down these stairs in my house! Even my sleep has improved, I hardly toss and turn anymore, I'm out as soon as my head hits that pillow.

I'm a different woman. It's only been 3 weeks. Wednesday will be my 4th weigh-in (one month already) and a few days later on the 10th, I will take my first anniversary progress pic. I'm getting excited and nervous!

I gotta tell you guys that when I first started the workout program, with certain exercises (squats)my knees were cracking worse than my grandma's (I love her so much)...the cracking was so loud and my legs/knees were so weak that I couldn't stop shaking or even balance on one leg. Today, I did those same exercises and you wouldn't believe how much stronger I was AND, NO CRACKING IN THE KNEES, my balance was incredible - it was nuts!!!I'm truly amazed at how well and how quickly the body adapts itself. I guess it's true - I take care of my body and my body in turn takes care of me!!

So that's it, just wanted to drop by give a little update..things are going well. Actually, it's fabulous - I really feel that this is my year!! TWO-THOUSAND MINE, BABY!!!!! I'm still pushing through!! Thanks for all the support guys, I hope you all realize just how much it helps me!!!Thanks again!


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