Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just call me "SPIN-derella"!!!!

I just completed my very first ever SPINNING class and HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYBODY!!! I was sweating like you wouldn't believe, my crotch area, (maybe too much info here - but I'm keeping it real), inner thighs, thighs in general, my butt cheeks - entire lower body as a whole is burning and sore!!! Holy crap what a workout!! My legs are pumping and burning....I KNOW I will be sore tomorrow.

So I get to the class, and let me tell you, these bikes are no joke!!! They don't look like the typical stationary bikes ( you know, grey and boring), these ones look mean! I did feel a little intimidated - but again I reminded myself of my goals and reason for doing this and for the time being that was enough to keep me from running out of there. The spinners started filing in and setting up their bikes. In walks this cute little girl/woman named Tiffany. She was a fricking POWERHOUSE!!! So sweet - until she started TEACHING THE CLASS!!!! I spoke to her briefly prior to starting, just to advise her that I was new and I had my health card with me!!! I was so nervous. Anyway, she was so helpful...she showed me how the bike worked and how to properly set up the height of seat and how to stop the wheels etc... I hopped on and it was on!!!

It was just awesome. I know it's only Day 1, but I swear I'm hooked. The workout was extremely challenging and I was just so friggin proud of myself for finishing the class. I will be doing it twice a week and I just know I will see results. Between eating right, the awesome strength training plan that Rob created for me (and his regular guidance) and this new form of cardio, my body will have no choice but to say "Buh-bye" to my fat!!!! My next class will be on Thursday morning and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'll keep you guys posted...again, if any one of you living in the Ottawa area is interested in joining me....check out the website . I will be going every Tuesday (6:45pm to 7:45 pm) and Thursday (6:30 am to 7:30 am).

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Am I a SPINNER?????

Well it's official. I start my spinning classes tomorrow (Tuesday). To be quite honest, I'm a bit nervous. I've never spinned before. I've been on a stationary bike, but not like this!! Spinning is kind of like a stationary bike on red bull!!

A Little Bit about Spinning (taken from the Cyclefit website)

Spinning is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle called a spinning bike. Spin instructors will lead the class through a variety of drills and skills that will sometimes have you pedaling as fast as you can, at a recovery pace, other times cranking up the resistance and pedaling slowly from a standing position, all while pedalling at your own pace.

Spinning burns serious calories (about 450 in 45 minutes) and offers an awesome aerobic workout that makes your heart pump fast. It also tones your quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and outer thigh muscles.

450 CALORIES IN 45 MINUTES!!!!!You know you're working your ass off for that to happen!!!
Anyway, after checking with Rob, we decided that I would be spinning twice a week to fit in with my program. I decided to go with CYCLEFIT. It's funny, when I attended the Health and Wellness show back in January, one of the vendors there was Cyclefit. The lady at that booth just looked so fit and friendly and when she spoke, she was full of energy! I was interested. I took some of her flyers home with me, looked them over then visited the website. I unfortunately convinced myself that I wasn't ready!

Remember I was less than a month into my Weight Loss Journey and still weighing over 250 pounds. My mom always used to say to me, "Joania, nothing happens before its time, and if it's meant to be, it WILL be!" I guess this was meant to be. I am ready now!! I am going to do this even at 224lbs!! I look at this as just another challenge and opportunity to set some new goals.

I spoke with an individual from cyclefit today. She was really nice and funny!! She may have been the same person I spoke with at the Wellness show. I think she could sense that I was a bit nervous. She confirmed my registration and I'm all set to go for tomorrow!! Arrrggghhh, no turning back now. We spoke a bit and she basically echoed a lot of what Rob told me regarding cardio training and heart rate etc. So I feel good about this, a little anxious BUT GOOD!! So I'm signed up for 10 classes, that will be good for 5 weeks (2 classes per week).

So I can't wait and I will definitely fill you guys in on how it went. BTW, if any of you are in the Ottawa area and would be interested in doing this with me, I WOULD WELCOME the company!! I think it may be fun!!! :) Any takers???

Until then...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch....Massage Please!!!

My legs are killing me!!! My new program yesterday included some new exercises targeting my leg muscles (lunges and squats) and I can testify, under oath that they work!! I worked those muscles to soreness! When trying to sit on the toilet feels like a form of exercise, you know you've worked it to the max!! WOW!!

All I could think about today is my next reward level (lose 3 more pounds and I get an hour long massage). I went ahead and reserved my massage for April 4!! I know I won't be as sore then but I still think it will be fabulous. I'm hoping I will be down 3 more pounds by then.....afterall, I don't want to cheat my own reward system.

I booked online here. I went to a Health and Wellness show back in January. It was a typical trade show type set up where in this case it was all health and fitness vendors advertising their services. Anyway, my girlfriend Tanya and I were walking around, checking things out, when we saw that one vendor offered a free 15 minute trial massage. Sounded great so we signed up and waited our turns. We each had a different masseuse.

I introduced myself to my masseuse. Her name was Alice and this may sound a bit weird but I felt an immediate connection with her...not anything major or creepy, just like when you meet someone who for what every reason, you just know is a kind soul/a nice person. At least that's what I felt when I met her. Anyway, she asked me a few questions and I got on the massage table. She gave me a sample and it felt amazing. She then asked me if I wanted to try a Reiki massage.

Now, I've heard the term before but to be honest, I didn't really have a clue what it was. So I asked and she told me, "Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art based on balancing energy systems. There are 7 main energy centres in the body where we either store energy or express energy. These are known as chakras. The chakras correspond to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of wellbeing. Reiki is a very light touch using intention to feel and re-direct energy. Reiki helps to restore positive energy which helps bring you into harmony". There's no way I retained that info from January, I scooped it off her website. Check it out, you can even book your massage online. She's in Ottawa (west end).

Anyway, this Reiki massage FREAKED MY FREAK y'all!!! Alice barely made physical contact, but I felt every movement. I was sooooooooooo relaxed, felt like my head was floating...it was absolutely amazing. I've never felt anything like that before. I'm generally a skeptic with certain things, but I KNOW what I felt and experienced. I know I left that trade show feeling awesome and ready to take on the world. I had just started on this journey (it was less than a month) and I was in a good place. It was just incredible. So I'm hoping that we could follow up in future sessions.

So if you're in the Ottawa area, check her out. She came off as being very passionate about what she does and you can always see the difference when someone is doing what they love. Anyhoo, I will definitely follow up and give you guys full details of how my massage goes next week. I'm really looking forward to it.

That's it for now. Have a great Sunday. I plan to get in some cardio today and hang out with my son!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Level of HURT ...and More!!

Hi guys,

Well my trainer tried to warn me. He sent me a message last week telling me that he was working on my new program and that I would be in for a "new level of hurt"!! Boy was he right!! I must admit that when he first told me that, my first thought was, "BRING IT ON, Lagana!!" Well, he brought it and he brought it hard.

I am already SORE and I just worked out this morning. My body was screaming, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, IT'S 7:30 on a SATURDAY MORNING??" I met him at 7:30 am and got started right away...he had a special grin on his face and at the time, I did not know why. At the end of my workout I knew why that grin was there! This program is the ultimate "Plateau Buster"and that's the perfect name because I really can't see how I could plateau on this program. Every time I've felt that I've got a hang of the program and that it's "almost" easy (not easy-easy, just almost easy), it's usually time for a new program. Rob (trainer) knows exactly what he's doing.

For example, in my last routine, one of the exercises he gave me was to do 10 push ups on an exercise ball...I thought, "there is no f'ing way I'm going to be able to do that!!" Well just last week I was doing all 10 on that ball and feeling pretty darn pleased with myself. Well today, he made one of his "slight adjustments" to my push-up exercise - literally as small as lifting one leg while I did the exercise - and I was done for!! I could barely get through doing 3 in a row!! But it's all good!! As Rob likes to remind me, this program is progressive and I can totally see the improvements in strength thusfar!! So I have a new goal and I WILL DO IT!! I can't wait.

I've increased the amount of weight I'm lifting and will also be increasing the number of times per week that I do cardio training as well. I will be doing cardio 5 days now instead of 3!! I CANNOT believe how strong I am getting. It's incredible. My body was in shock after this morning....my legs were shaking like you could not believe..IT WAS AWESOME!!!

With each new routine and new exercise, I felt myself challenging my body like never before!! I was hurting but no pain no gain, right?

So thanks Rob for today and this is my official "you were right, you kicked my ass today, I felt more than a new level of hurt" statement!!:) I hope I made you proud today with my progress. I know I left your studio feeling like I WAS THE SHIT TODAY!!! Totally a great way to start one's day!!:)

So that's it for now. I'm looking forward to this week starting my new routine, spinning and more cardio!!!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Friday, March 27, 2009


YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, where do I start?
Do you guys know what "ParticipACTION" is all about?? Remember Hal and Joanne? Body Break commercials? (I'm singing the 'Body Break" song as I type..." Body Break!! Bo--ody Break!!)...remember??? No???? Well, here's the logo?? Remember now??? No??? I used to have a t-shirt with that logo when I was a kid and just thought I was soooo cool!! Here's some quick info and a link to their website for more:ParticipACTION is the national voice of physical activity and sport participation in Canada. Their vision is to work with their partners to ensure a Canadian society where people are the most physically active on Earth. It is a national not-for-profit organization solely dedicated to inspiring and supporting active living and sport participation for Canadians. Originally established in 1971, ParticipACTION was a pioneer in social marketing and has become internationally recognized for its compelling communications to promote physical activity. In the late 1990s, core funding from the government began to wane, and without financial support to continue its campaign, ParticipACTION closed its doors in 2001. With generous support from Sport Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, ParticipACTION was revitalized in 2007 as the national voice of physical activity and sport participation in Canada.

Anyway, a few months back (maybe January or so), my husband told me about this new ad running on TV by "Participaction" asking for regular people like you and I to submit our stories to their website telling how we stay fit, what we're doing etc...He told me I should sign up. You may have seen the commercial, if not check it out here. Anyway, life went on. I had submitted links to my blog via "blog to lose" sites etc....

ANYWAY, I came home from work yesterday and received an email from an individual working with the advertising agency for Participaction, telling me that they came across my story/blog/journey and it was selected as a candidate/contender. They wanted to to speak with me to get more details on my story and also confirm my interest for this project so that it can evolve into a TV commercial!!!!!!!!!!

I needed to get in touch with them asap. They even left a comment on my last post of this blog asking me to get in touch with them. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? My story was chosen out of thousands!!! I'M GOING TO BE IN A NATIONAL TV COMMERCIAL!!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect ALL OF THIS when I started this journey. I just wanted to get healthy and trim a bit of the "licious" off my booty!!! :0) That was it!! This is incredible.

I am totally excited to do this. The commercial should air sometime in May. I will keep you posted with the details.

So, I called the individual from the ad agency (super nice lady) today, and she gave me the details! I will need to submit some pix of me in ACTION (working out, sweating it up, etc.) and I'll also be required to do some voice over work.....the commercial should be airing sometime in MAY!!!! Isn't that nuts?!??!? I'm so excited about it. Remember these guys????????

Hal and Joanne!!!
I love these guys...we all know them from the ParticipACTION and Body Break commercials.

Well, look how far they went after doing those Participaction commercials!!!! :))

Anyway, just thought I'd share my good news!!

I'm meeting with my trainer tomorrow morning (730am)..for my new "KILLER" program. He's already told me that I will feel "a new level of hurt" !! Can't wait.

Until next time....

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 15 Weigh-In.......1 More Pound (66 to go!!)

ImageChef Custom Images
Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 224 lbs (Mar 21/09)
Current Weight: 223 lbs
This Week's Loss: 1 lb

WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!! Another pound gone!!! Only 66 more to go!! I am EXTRA pleased with this loss considering I just weighed in this past Saturday..so that's 1 pound in 4 days!! That's awesome. I 'VE LOST 35 POUNDS!!!! I'm 3 pounds away from another milestone - to lose 38 pounds and get a very long massage. I feel awesome about the progress so far and so pumped to continue.

My trainer is working on a new program for me and to quote him, "Your program is almost ready and you'll feel a new level of hurt!!" I'm scurrrrred, y'all - but excited at the same time!!

Until next time...

Signing off 35 POUNDS LIGHTER!!!

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why now, McDonalds....Why????

Everyone who knows me, know that if Ronald McDonald was real, I'd marry him in a minute...well the old me would ...okay, who am I kidding?? The new and improving me would still marry him well until today!! He betrayed me!! They introduced something new!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm driving to work today and drive past a bulletin board. What does it say?


Q. What is it?
A. It's a Big Mac inside a warm flour tortilla!!!

OMG!!!! They've taken my favourite sandwich (the old Big Mac) and gave it a new twist and I can't even try it!!! Can you believe it?? I don't think there's ONE thing on the McDonalds menu that I haven't tasted......UNTIL NOW!!!!! Here's a couple of pix of it:

It's a mini Big Mac without all the bun. You still get the Big Mac special sauce, lettuce, Cheddar cheeses, pickles and onions with a beefy half-patty. There's just no fluffy melt-in-your-mouth, sweet sesame seed bun, just a warm snack-sized flour tortilla.

Here's a close-up:

OHHHH, YUMMMMMM!! Doesn't it look good? I know I could easily make a healthy version of this, but nothing beats that old MickeyDees taste!! Although the old classic Big Mac Meal will always be my favourite, I can't wait to get to my halfway point of this journey so that I could try this new item (and a few other classics)....Why now, McDonalds? Why?

OH GOD!! THE COMMERCIAL JUST CAME ON!!!! This is a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!

So now what? Instead of singing the classic song, "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" it will be...... "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions... in a warm flour tortilla."

The song does not really sound right but I'm sure the new Mac Snack Wrap will tast FABULOUS!!! Something to look forward to!!

Anyway, I didn't work out this morning so I'm off to do my cardio!!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

ST PATTY'S DAY - Shake Your Shamrock!!

So, unfortunately, my girlfriend JB had to cancel and could not make it to Edmonton for St.Patty's Day!! Although I was disappointed that she wouldn't be there, I decided that I was going to celebrate anyway, I WAS GOING TO SHAKE MY SHAMROCK!!! I LOVE St. Patty's Day, so why not?

This journey is important to me and I am committed to it and reaching my goals but I also do not want life to pass me by this year because of it!! So, I decided to enjoy my St. Patty's Day....I wasn't "bad" the entire day - just that evening!! I have ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!! I did promise to be honest with you guys throughout this journey so here it is!! :)

I woke up that morning, worked out, had a healthy breakfast and went off to work for the day. I made sure that I had a healthy lunch as well (shrimp and veggies). After work, I went back to the hotel, threw on my Irish green shirt and green underwear and went to a pub (Sherlock Holmes) with my colleagues. This pub was awesome...they provided all the "green accessories" (Hats, t-shirts, stickers, shot glasses, beer bong, beads, etc., etc.) It was wonderful. I ordered a green beer and got started on the evening!! My friend JB and I celebrated together via text messages, so we kind of felt like we did not break tradition - we did in a sense, celebrate together!!
Let the festivities begin.....

Green Hat....CHECK!!

Green Beer Bong......CHECK!! (It never left my side :)

Green Beer......CHECK times 2!!

Green Beads....CHECK!!!

A few beers (green and other) later, this is me loving St. Patty's Day...

I must admit, it didn't take much to get me to the point of "feeling good"... stop drinking for 3 months and you too can turn into a cheap drunk!!
Please note that Green Stickers were added (hey, what's St. Patty's Day without green shamrock stickers?)...

I really did have a fabulous time. I held up WAY better than I thought I would, all things considered.


My food and drinks for that evening consisted of the following:
  • lots and lots of green beer (my bong held about two bottles/glasses when filled to the brim)
  • lots of non-coloured beer
  • shooters
  • chicken wings
  • sweet potato fries
  • and water

The next morning, about 6:15 am, I opened my eyes, rubbed them a bit, slowly and carefully sat up in bed and waited......waited somemore......NOTHING!! The room wasn't spinning, my head wasn't fuzzy, my stomach (and contents) were fine....I could not believe how great I felt...NO HANGOVER!!! This is the first post St.Patty's Day morning in years that I haven't been hungover. Could not believe it. The only thing I did differently was this journey and no McDonalds after drinking....so my conclusion is, and this is big news here, "Being Fit/Healthy Prevents Hangovers!!" :)

I got out of bed, threw on my workout gear and went to the gym...I did my workout for a little more than an hour, took a long, fabulous shower and went down to breakfast!!! It was incredible!! I felt awesome and it lasted throughout the day!! Just awesome.

So that's it... I had a great time, and continued on with my journey...I still managed to lose 1 pound this week. I'm sure I could have lost a few more but no worries at all!! I am totally pleased and just feel awesome.

So this is a new week and I plan to kick it up a few notches. Rob (trainer) is building a new, crazy and killer workout for me, I will also be spinning twice a week in addition to my cardio - so I'm excited. This is it, I'm sticking to this hardcore..

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Food Pix

Here are a few shots of some of the food I ate when I was away. Again, I didn't find it difficult to make healthy choices because it was always available.

This pic - steamed veggies (broccoli, cabbage, onions) and beef on the grill (yum)!!
This was from an all -you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Vancouver. Great atmosphere. I DO NOT LIKE SUSHI so thankfully there were lots of other items on the menu that I could eat. There was a grill in the middle of the table so that we could grill/cook our own meat/fish. Now although this may sound like a cool concept to some - I have a sneaking feeling that the owners are in the back laughing at everyone, thinking to themselves," look at them, they pay us money to come here and cook their own food!" :)
It was great though and the food was quite tasty.

This was one of my breakfast from the hotel. Fluffy scrambled egg whites, some veggies and a side of fruit (strawberries & pineapples).

This was pretty tasty and very filling!

This was a spicy shrimp and veggie strifry.

It came with rice but I just ask the server to substitute with extra veggies. She did one better and substituted with roasted veggies. It was delicious, so flavourful...so good!
Now, I didn't take pictures of ALL my meals - on some days, I just grabbed a quick lunch while working from the cafeteria like a tuna and veggie wrap on whole wheat tortilla) with a bottle of water....or a quick soup. I did have some sweet potato fries one day..just couldn't pass them up - they were shared though!
Anyway just a few shots....
Joania (2KMINE!!)

Week 14 Weigh-In...1 Down, 67 More to Go!!!

ImageChef Custom Images

Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 225 lbs (Mar 11/09)
Current Weight: 224 lbsThis Week's Loss: 1 lb

One more pound gone and I feel awesome about that....I've been losing pretty consistently for the last few weeks!!!! I feel really good about losing 34 pounds thus far. Plus, it's made such a huge difference in my health and fitness level - it's awesome.

I think I could have lost a few more pounds this week....my next post should explain why! Anyway until then...

I'm signing off 34 pounds lighter....4 more pounds to my next reward level!! YEAH!!!


Back in the Habit...

Hi everyone,

I'm back in town and so tired but very happy to be back. I had a very successful trip, both on a professional level and in regards to my journey!

I had no problems making good and healthy food choices....and both hotels in Edmonton and Vancouver were equipped with top notch fitness facilities!! It was great.

The time zone changes is having a bit of an effect on my fatigue/energy level but other than that...no issues. I did not work out yesterday, just busy packing and getting to the airport. I will workout today as well as weigh myself to see if I "totally" stayed on track this past week. After all, Tuesday was St. Patty's Day!! Did I break tradition? Did I celebrate? We'll find out in my next post.

I'm off to weigh myself - will be back shortly...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Weigh More than a UFC Fighter!!!

Hey guys,

I was watching TV last night, just flipping through the channels and came across the Ultimate Fitghting Championship (UFC). BTW, I find myself watching this stuff more and more...don't know what it is, but I am slowly but surely becoming a fan of this sport!! Just in awe of the raw strength and martial arts skills (and I like the hits and blood - my sick side is coming out). It's becoming one of my guilty pleasures - hey, it's fat free!!!;)

Anyway, one of the announcers was just going over some stats of a couple of UFC's star heavy weight fighters and I realized, when I started this journey, I WEIGHED MORE THAN QUITE A FEW OF THESE GUYS!!! That's nuts!!! At my heaviest, which was 278, I weighed more than this guy:

Brock Lesnar

Height: 6'3

Weight: 276 lb

Yours Truly
Height: 5'5

Weight: 278 lbs

When I started my journey, I weighed 258 lbs, which was more than this guy:

Frank Mir

Height: 6'3
Weight: 251 lbs

Me (With my "Bad ass" face)
Weight: 258 lbs

I currently weigh 225lbs, which is more than this "little light weight":

Chuck Lidell

Height: 6'2

Weight: 205 lbs

Me...kicking ass at 225 lbs!!

Anyway, I'm just having fun with this. I'm really proud of how far I've come and just so excited for the future. I'm in a really good place right now and I have all intentions of staying there!!

Happy Sunday...off to workout!

Joania (2KMINE!!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Three Month Anniversary Pics...FINALLY!!!

Sorry for the delay y'all..you know the week I've had...anyway, here are the pics taken earlier this morning, just before doing my workout.
Can you believe it's been three months?? It's seems like just the other day, I decided to start this journey and do it for real this time. Incredible!! I'm amazed at how quickly the time has gone by, really! Here I am 3 months in and down 33 pounds! This is amazing!!

My clothes are just falling off me, especially my pants!! I'm losing my booty y'all!! But it's all good. I'm so excited for what's to come - I can't wait to see where I will be next month when I take my 4 month pics!! I'll take some more pics to show how some are my pants/clothes are fitting AND NOT FITTING :) I know this may be "too much info" for some but my underwears are so comfortable now....no more "tighty whiteys"! It's a great feeling. I've gone down in bra size as well from a DD42 to a DD38 and really it should be a D38 by now because there's a lot of "space" in the cup. When I started, my loose fitting dress pants were size 22....now I fit comfortably in a size 16!! I was wearing size 16 Jeans just the other day - it's nuts!!! I will add some pix to show you guys. I'm feeling really good too - I haven't been breathless in months and even when I workout really hard ("Push it to the max, no limits" as my trainer would say), it's a different type of breathless - I recover quickly. It's awesome.

Front: (Top) - Feb 10, 2009 - 233 lbs

Front: (Bottom) - Mar 14, 2009 - 225 lbs

Side: (Top) - Feb 10, 2009 - 233lbs

Side: (Bottom) - Mar 14, 2009 - 225 lbs

Back: (Top) - Feb 10, 2009 - 233 lbs

Back: (Bottom) - Mar 14, 2009 - 225 lbs

Fun: (Top) - Feb 10, 2009 - 233 lbs

Fun: (Bottom) - Mar 14, 2009 - 225 lbs

Here's what I noticed about this month's pix:
  1. Front Pics - My Legs/thighs are getting smaller (THANK GOODNESS), the space between my leg has increased; the skin around my abdominal area is much looser than last month, the fat on my chest is melting as you can see the bone (my chest bone); my shoulders and arms are getting some definition. My head is smaller...that hat wouldn't fit properly before ...lol!!:)
  2. Side Pics - I don't really see much difference in my side shot...it looks like I'm sucking in my stomach/holding my breath BUT I SWEAR I WASN'T...i was just about to smile....oh well.
  3. Back Pics - my back and waist is definitely smaller, you can actually see the looseness of the fabric in the shirt as opposed to the "maximum stretch in prior pics. That shirt is much more comfy now - there's room! Less back fat; my bum is tightening up (whoo hoo!); my legs are gradually getting smaller; my right arm looks smaller than my left (I am right handed) so that may explain it.
  4. Fun Pics - Less back fat, less fat under my arm, stomach is a bit smaller, my arm is smaller
I took a couple extra pix to show the little definition starting to show in my arms...THERE IS MUSCLE!! It's not a huge change but I'm starting to see definition...hope you guys are able to notice it....I feel so strong!!

Anyway, that's it. Let me know what you think, please!! I will take some more pix showing my ever "loosening" clothing!
Until next time....
Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Friday, March 13, 2009


This individual has been my friend for 20+ years and together, we've done a lot of fun and crazy things which will bring us to tears as we laugh about it, to this day!! It doesn't take much to get us going! I cannot imagine my life without her...anyway, this is not intended to be a sappy post. I can just see her face as she reads this laughing to herself and probably saying, "I can't believe she's writing about me and our craziness in her blog!!" or something to that effect!

Anyway, JB and I absolutely LOVE St. Patrick's Day!!! Well, maybe it's more the festivities that we like because if any one of us were quizzed on the history or origin of St. Patty's - we'd fail miserably!! I'm certain all of our responses would include either "leprechaun" or "green beer"!! It has been our longstanding tradition of just getting together and "doing it up right" on St. Patty's Day. For us, the festivities usually starts very early in the afternoon and goes strong until the wee hours of the morning!!

In the past, this involved the consumption of "a few" beverages, followed by a few more and so on and so on until very early the following morning where we'd ALWAYS end up asking the taxi driver to take us to the 24-hour drive thru McDonalds, where we ordered a massive amount of greasy, fatty food. I'm talking, double Big Macs, Supersize Fries, Coke and Apple Pies!!! I swear, it's the only thing we wanted to eat after a day on the "liquid diet" and it was just AMAZING! Can anyone relate to this, or are we just nuts?? Anyway, that's how we would normally spend St. Patty's Day, in the past!

This Year...
I will be in Edmonton on business on St. Patty's Day!! This year, on St. Patty's Day, I will have just completed my third straight month on this wonderful journey following a highly effective, customized diet and exercise plan which does not include my traditional "St. Patty's Day Food and Beverage Choices"!!!! THIS YEAR, on St. Patty's Day, although I will be in Edmonton, SO WILL MY GIRLFRIEND JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if was fate or if it was planned (I WILL never tell!!) but we will BOTH be in Edmonton on St Patty's Day and I think it was meant to be...
Oh, what to do????
First off, my girlfriend in no way wants to sabbotage my journey and has been extremely supportive from the very beginning and even before!! So "what I do" will be totally my decision...we could have a good time either way..Honestly, there is no pressure from her at all!! I just don't want anyone thinking that she's sabbotaging me in anyway!!!
So here are some facts:
  1. I have been just amazing on this diet and exercise plan, and for the most part (except those 4 choc eggs recently), I've stayed true.
  2. I didn't have cake or alcohol on my 35th birthday!!
  3. I didn't have any chocolate on Valentine's Day!!
  4. So far this year I've done very well and 3 months is a very long time.
  5. I have all intentions of remaining on this journey and reaching my goals by Dec 2009!

I've always said that I don't want this new lifestyle to consume me and I also don't want to miss out on my life and things I enjoy doing because of it even though I realize and accept that I do have to make a lot of sacrifices and give up certain things....so I'm in yet another position where I have to make a huge decision regarding either food, chocolate, alcohol or all of the above!!! I also don't want to always have to be in these types of positions. I want to be able to just live and enjoy my life while respecting the boundaries of my program. It's all about finding that balance and learning how to live within it....I think that's a bigger struggle than losing the weight, itself - for me anyway!

So that's it for now....as always, I will be honest in whatever I do; with whatever decision I make regarding St. Patty's Day!! You will be informed...either way!!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Next Wednesday's (March 18) Weigh-In


Since I will be on my way to Vancouver next Wednesday, I will not be weighing in. I WILL WEIGH IN ON SATURDAY MARCH 21, when I return home..THANKS!

Off to Edmonton AND Vancouver Next Week!

Hi guys,

I am sooooooooo glad it's Friday. TGIF!!!!!!!! This has been such a busy week for me. I was on course for work. It was 3 days at a different building downtown (downtown traffic stinks!) but anyway, it's over. I've also been busy prepping for another business trip. I'm off to Edmonton on Monday morning, then Vancouver on Wednesday and back home on Friday. It will be a very quick stop in both cities. Another busy week, but I plan to stay on track.

This time, I am not even phased at the thought of going away and worrying about my new lifestyle. Not the slightest regarding what I will eat or if I will exercise. Last month, prior to my trip to Halifax, I was losing sleep worrying if I would sabbotage my journey. But not now!!! I have my game plan. Both hotels are equipped with top of the line fitness facilities (and swimming pools) so I have no excuse when it comes to working out and I KNOW I will make healthy choices when it comes to eating. Don't get me wrong, I'm not over confident...I mean, temptation is temptation and I will have to be on my toes, but I am not worried like I was last time.

Anyway, looking forward to getting the trips out of the way. My only concern -and it's not even really a concern because he will be with his Daddy - but I always feel so sad when I leave my little munchkin...I must admit it is a nice break....even though I'm working, I'm not cooking, cleaning or picking up etc....it's a nice chance for me to get away from the routine and just re-boot... but I couldn't do it too often...I miss my sweet little hugs and kisses and all the crazy and wonderful moments!! My husband is really a great support which allows me the opportunity to this every now and then. Anyway, so I'll be gone for a week.

Just wanted to fill you in. Also, i will take picks of what I eat (it really helps to keep me on track). This time I will have my colleagues take the pics as PROOF THAT I ACTUALLY ATE THOSE MEALS (I received that as a suggestion after posting the food pix from my last trip)!! I may even take pix of me working up a sweat!!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week 13 Weigh-In....2 More GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ImageChef Custom Images

Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 227 lbs (Mar 4/09)
Current Weight: 225 lbs
This Week's Loss: 2 lbs

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late and what will be short post!! I'm so happy!! As busy as I've been this week, I kept up with my eating AND exercising and managed to lose yet another 2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That brings my total to 33 pounds!! Isn't that awesome!! I'm so happy!!!

Anyway, it's 730 and I literally JUST walked through the door....I need to give my son supper (which is in oven as I type), make myself supper, then give him a bath and put him to bed and off to bed myself. I will try to post those pix soon....promise!! Thanks guys!!

Untill next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PIX will be Posted on Saturday- Sorry for Delay

Sorry guys...if I get a chance to take and post the pix tomorrow, I will BUT if not I will post them on Saturday. Also, I may change the pic day to the second Saturday every month because it's more convenient. This week is very busy for me as I am working offsite and planning for another business trip on Monday. I will post details, weigh in and hopefully pix, tomorrow..I've got to get to bed. Thanks for understanding guys.

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Motivation, Challenges, Ideas!!!

Hi guys,

So, I've got some new motivation, y'all!! Nothing gets your butt moving like finding out that you'll be attending a high school reunion at the END OF APRIL!!!! That's in a little more than a month!! I WILL be kicking it hardcore during my WORKOUTS and more importantly making sure I STAY ON TRACK with my EATING!!!! It's not a full blown high school reunion, just a group of friends from the same grade/same age group getting together after not seeing each other for in 15+ years!!! Exciting!! I'm really looking forward to seeing the old faces and friends and just having a good time, which I will have regardless but being a little more fit and healthy , would just be that much more fun!! I'm actually really looking forward to it! Should do be good fun.

There are so many things I want to do...

I've been wanting to make some changes to my cardio training and incorporate some new things just to avoid getting bored with what I'm currently doing and also, I think it's a good opportunity to explore new things in the fitness world, since I plan to have a relationship with fitness for the rest of my life!!!. As always, I do have to check with my trainer to make sure I'm making *good* changes. He should get back to me shortly. I'm thinking of taking a spinning class 3 times a week instead of just the regular treadmill/elliptical cardio sessions that I'm currently doing. I hear that you can burn 450+ calories in one 45 minute session!! That's awesome and also spinning isn't as hard on the knees as jogging on the treadmill. So I really want to try it out. I checked out Cycle Fit's website and found that they offer a 545am class - will work for me!!! I also want to return to my Bootcamp classes in May or so..as soon as they go back outdoors (they run the bootcamp indoors during winter).

I want to increase my flexibility, so I've decided to take a YOGA class one day a week (it's all the time I can spare) I've NEVER DONE YOGA before, so I'm sure I will SUCK for the first while, but I'll stick with it and see. I've checked out OYS (Orleans Yoga Shala) on the web and they offer and ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS CLASS, two nights a week. Plus, one my friends has already agreed to accompany me (no changing your mind MR!!!). Looks like we'll go on Tuesday nights but I will confirm soon. That should be entertaining!!

The weather is showing some signs of 'wanting to get nice'; Spring SHOULD be right around the corner (hopefully). I've really been thinking of my workouts and finding different things that I like to do and stay with this new lifestlye of mine. I know that I will be swimming alot in the summer ...I've always enjoyed swimming and it's a really good work out.

I also want to run a 5 K!!! I've had a few friends offer to do one with me. I don't know if I will "sign up" for one of those official races (maybe in the fall), but I want to be able to *RUN* a 5K and time myself. My mind has been just spinning with new ideas and new challenges I want to take on - that's a good thing, right??

I need to figure things out, make some solid plans and set some more goals to work towards!! AND THEN, COAX some of you guys into doing some f these new and exciting and possibly crazy things with me!! :)) I WILL keep you all posted......

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

What Women Want....


I am so happy this week is over....I "almost" fell off the wagon a bit with that whole "Easter Bunny/chocolate eggs" fiasco. No big deal, as my trainer put it, "it did more to your head than your body so forget about it, it never happened!" and I like Patricia's comment that it's "FOUR-givable" :) **smiles** When I started this journey, I knew there would be bumps in the road and I'm thankful for all the support I have from you guys to help get me through - but no worries, I'm back on track!!

Anyway, I had a conversation with a few of my female friends at work today and found it so enlightening and rather fascinating. I told them I would write about it - not sure they believed me, but I'm a woman of my word!!

Somehow, we got on to the topic of weight and what we like/dislike about our physical appearances etc... One of my friends - and in the name of anonymity, let's call her "Coco". First off, let me describe her. Coco is stunning!! Tall, lean, beautiful, confident, amazing features, fashionable, a body most women would cut off a limb for and on top of that, she's smart, has an incredible sense of humour and just an all around nice person. Well guess what? She doesn't like her stomach - her incredibly flat (to me) stomach!When you could lift up your shirt and see ONE smooth surface instead of 2 or 3 bumps...you don't have a problem (lol- just bugging you Coco). She wants to lose a few pounds. I told her I wanted to smack her, she's hot so shut up!! (I love her, really I do).

However, the more I spoke to her and listened to her rationale, the more I could relate with what she was saying and realized that who the heck am I to tell her that she doesn't need to...if she wants to improve herself and do something that will make her feel better, then she should and I should encourage her. Even though I think she's fine the way she is, I realized this whole weight/image thing is all individual and as long as it's not something unhealthy, then cool. I'm sure some people think I'm nuts for embarking on MY journey. So thanks Coco.

My other friend who we'll call, "Paris" (heehee), I think she is equally beautiful. She has a great body, fashionable, friendly, confident, extremely talented, (I told you she was funny)! Of course we laughed but she was serious...now, I don't think she'll go to drastic measures for the sake of boobs but my point with sharing all this is that I found myself amongst what I considered 4 very beautiful women, but we all had an issue or issues with how we looked in some way or another and it got me thinking!! The other two didn't share there "flaws" (if you can even call it that) but they were nodding and in obvious agreement with what was being discussed. One of them - let's call her, "Lola" agreed with me that Coco is hot and does NOT need to lose weight. But I've had discussions with that Lola before, similar to this one, and I know she has some stuff that she doesn't like either. She is also a very beautiful, confident and smart woman - friendly and nice. I just don't get it!! I guess I'll never really know what we women want.

I guess we all have little things about ourselves that we'd like to change and that's okay as long as it's not taken overboard or too far. This got me thinking that even though my main reasons for starting this journey was to get healthy, I still do like the physical changes that I'm seeing. I mean, I liked how I looked before and I am now finding that I am liking how I'm looking even more!!! What will I think when I look at myself in 6/7 months from now, after losing more weight?? Will I be satisfied with what I see OR will I be saisfied enough with FEELING great and BEING healthy? Will I start picking at little things and wanting to change them - I certainly hope not.

I'm am learning so much on this journey and not just how to do a proper push-up and eat well balanced meals. I am learning that this journey is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical. My goal is to strive for that balance between the three: mental, spiritual and physical. Someone once told me in an email, "if you get your head right, your ass will follow!" and that always stuck in my mind. For me it will be, "if I get my HEAD and SPIRIT/HEART right, my ass will follow!!" I am striving for that balance.

Anyway, that's it...what are your comments on what we women want and why it's so hard to be satisfied..I don't know... am I being hypocritical even talking about this when I myself am not currently satisfied with how I am?? I know for me, physical appearance is very low on the list of "why I'm doing this" but it IS ON THE LIST. Would love to hear what you guys think....

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Week 12 Weigh-In..... 3 MORE Pounds Down!!!!

ImageChef Custom Images
Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 230 lbs (Feb 25/09)
Current Weight: 227 lbs
This Week's Loss: 3 lbs

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm in the 220's!!! 227!!!! 227!!! YEAH BABY!! I think it was roughly 5-6 years ago when I last weighed in the 220's!!

Alright!!! I'm about to start my 12th week of this journey!! WOW!!! and I'm down 31 pounds in total!!!!!!!!!!!31 pounds!!! Incredible.

So I hit a little "bump" yesterday ( well 4 little chocolate ones) but as my trainer said, it messed with my head more than my body and just forget about it and that's what I've done. It never happened! LOL!!!

So here I am about to wrap up three months and start a whole new awesome phase in this journey and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! Next week will be 3 month pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signing off weighing 227 POUNDS, having lost a grand total of 31 POUNDS!!!!! Yeah, I'm thrilled!!

Joania (2KMINE!!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That Feking Easter Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!

So I survived Christmas!! I survived a trip out of province!! I survived Valentine's Day AND I EVEN SURVIVED MY F'ING BIRTHDAY!!!!!! What got me????????? THAT FEKING EASTER BUNNY!!!!!

This is my confession y'all!!!!

Yesterday I stopped in at a grocery store to pick up a few things and it's everywhere!!! Easter colours...there's always been something about Easter colours and decorations that send tingles down my spine!! I know what it is, it's the CHOCOLATE!!! THE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
Anyway, I resisted, got my groceries and went about my business.

Forgive me "trainer" for I have sinned....
Well today, I needed "something" from the Pharmacy...you know, the stuff all us women need to pick up on a monthly basis...damn crappy, crap!!! Yes, I am a bit moody today, but I digress.
Anyhoo, wouldn't you know that as soon as I walked into that pharmacy, I bump into MR Bunny and all his wonderful chocolate eggs and chocolate bunny and chicken friends looking all great and tasty. "No Joania, ignore the chocolate, get what you came for and go back to the car!!"

I managed to some how make it to the cash register, payed the bill and grabbed my bag which the nice cashier packed and handed to me! "Have a good day!" she said, as I hopped into the car where my son and husband were waiting!! My husband dropped us off and went back to work. My son and I went on in the house. He went immediately to his toys as I proceeded to unpack my bag from the pharmacy!!
"OH MY GOODNESS!!! WHAT IS THIS DOING IN HERE??!?!?!" see pictures below...
I decided to come and write about this, so I could get a hold of myself and get back on track here!! But here's the problem, "THEY'RE NOW IN MY HOUSE!!!!" I've got to get rid of them...but my son loves them...can't keep 'em here...just can't!!! oh what to do...garbage..i'll throw them out....okay....yeah..I'll throw them out. Yeah, that's what I'll do..okay..I'll come back on later!!
I knew it would happen sooner or later but I just never knew how it would happen and here we are !!! Oh well.....
Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hi guys,

Today's post will be all about gratitude...

When I started on this journey almost 3 months ago, I had a few different sources of inspiration and reasons for embarking on this journey. Number 1, was my 2 year old son - getting healthy to be around for him and be able to play with him was top of my list. My husband and family - just to be around to enjoy life with them! My health - just to do it for me...I did not want to be young and unhealthy or unhealthy, period!!! A few of my friends had lost loads of weight before and they also inspired me beyond belief (Julie and Jude), and lastly, Rosy, a woman who embarked on a body transformation project and successfully achieved her goals; she blogged about it, although she was not the first to lose weight and/or do it publically, she and her blog were inspirational nonetheless. I've always loved keeping journals and diaries and decided I too would journalize my journey, only this time electronically!

I wanted to write today about all the fabulously wonderful and supportive individuals on weight loss journeys, transformation projects or simply attempting to get healthy!! These are individuals who regularly check in with me, comment on my blog; whose own blogs bring me such wonderful inspiration and motivation, support, tips and tricks, and sometimes just simple entertainment.

I've come to find out that there is a very large community of individuals who are "blogging to lose" (myself included)! This has been going on for years and years!! I've been lucky to make contact with quite a few individuals who've gone through the process (successfully and some trying for the second or third time); those who are currently going through the process (like myself) and those maintaining after being extremely successful in the process. Their blogs are so inspiring and entertaining! It's wonderful.

There are also several websites dedicated to blogging for weightloss and/or overall health, even blogger conferences!! It's all been amazing and rather enlightening to me. Anyway, I think it's high time I showed some love to these individuals as they have helped me so much along the way and some may not even realize just how much. Some people feel that they are alone in their journeys and projects but I'm here to say that you're not!! Also, I've been receiving so many comments from individuals complimenting me on my blog and wanting to know how to start one of their own. I figured it was a good time to write this and show them that there is support out there, if they want it!!

Well, I am certainly not the first to create a blog of this nature nor embark on this sort of journey; and from all the blogging friends I've met over the past few months, these types of blogs have been in existence for years and years! I'm not sure that we could even pinpoint the first person who started - if anyone out there knows who was the first body-transfoming-weightloss-journey-blogger, please share!!!!!

There are so many wonderful transformations and weight loss success stories, journeys and projects going on! It's great!! These blogs/bloggers act as wonderful support/inspirational system for me and many others worldwide. They comment on my posts, give me advice - especially when it's something that they themselves have already gone through or dealt with or currently going through. It's amazing. Sometimes it's as simple as just finding strength from one of their posts.

One of my favourite blogs is by FatBridesmaid. She is amazingly honest and candid, whitty and just always seems to have the right things to say. Every Tuesday, she hosts an open, "let's all watch the TV show Biggest Loser together" live blog/chat event. It's just fabulous and I enjoy it so much. Thanks FB.

Another blog which I try to read everyday, as it is such a wonderful source of honesty, inspiration, motivation and pure entertainment is the anti-jared. He is fabulous. This man lost over 200 pounds in a year and has the pictures to prove it, y'all!! He has a very keen sense of humour and I just love the way he writes. He is my daily dose of inspiration and sometimes humour!! His only flaw - he loves cauliflower...yuck!!! Thanks Tony!!

Speaking of sense of humour and whit, Karen from Fitcetera. First off, I just love her - I love that she is "crazy ass happy and hopes that everyone else is too!" She is very honest with her journey and owns up to it!! I look forward to her blog as she exudes strength and inspiration. Keep it going girl!! :)

There's a woman who lives in Japan and I just adore her blog, ADivaOnADiet. I love her outlook on life (especially spiritual) and the manner in which she chronicles her weightloss struggle as a whole. I love her candid approach as well - her blog is quite inspirational to me. Keep on keeping on, girl!

Another one of my fav's is TheVegNextDoor. Her blog is full of wonderful and delicious recipes. I go there frequently for food ideas and suggestions. She's kind enough to put up pics and ingredients on her site - great stuff and delicious. She's helped to make my cooking life a bit easier!! Her "Neat Balls"...YUMMY!!!! Thanks!

Speaking of yummy foods, on this blog, TheIncredibleShrinkingFamily has loads of healthy alternative recipes and mouth watering food pics and just an overall great blog for inspiration showing you how to get it done with your family!!

As you can see, I could go on and on. There are so many from which I draw inspiration that I will from time to time mention more of my fav's, there are sooo many...like NIA (but for whatever reason I can't link to her blog) she regular checks in with me and sends me encouraging notes, and I always look forward to her comments and suggestions -thanks Nia!

I really would like to mention all of you and hopefully I will get the opportunity in future posts. When I make it to that finish line, I hope you will all of be there with me so that we can all celebrate like it's nobody's business!! You guys are awesome.Although I am thankful for all these blogs and blogger support/friends, I can't say enough about all the support I receive from ALL of you (including my non-blogging friends)...SO THANK YOU!!! Anyway, just thankful to all the people who started these "blogs to lose", "journeys", "transformation projects", etc.etc..

I also want to thank my trainer Rob, who has just been amazingly helpful and more importantly available to me. Thanks for your suggestions, knowledge and ALWAYS cheering me on!

So for any of you out there looking to embark on your own weight loss or body transformation journeys, and/or want to start and maintain a blog while you progress - take comfort in the fact that even though you're not the first, you're not alone. There is lots of support out there.

Until next time....

Joania (2KMINE!!!)