Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is ME...Then! (Before Pics)

Okay, so I "borrowed" that title from a J-LO album (which I don't even own) but I just thought this title was appropriate for when I'm looking back at my pics, "this is me...then"
I can't believe I am about to make myself so vulnerable. So many of my friends have told me that I'm nuts for doing this, but this is only temporary - in a short while when I look back, I will truly be able to see how far I've come!! I have been the master of disguise for such a long time. I know what to wear, what and how to tuck and suck in body parts so that I just look that much smaller ( I know I'm not alone here). Well, no more. Here I am, all 258 pounds of chocolate goodness *smiles*. OMG, this is harder than I thought it would be. How ever did you do this, Rosy????????? .
It has taken me about 3 hours to FINALLY post these pics. My husband took the pics and boy was he ever making me laugh. Looking at these pics just makes me want to re-affirm my commitment to this journey. Wow! Some of these ARE NOT pretty, specifically the shots of me from the back.
I decided not to wear loose shorts and a big tee, because I would still be hiding/covering up. So all my rolls and ripples are exposed. . I am more determined than goes...
Okay, so I will post updates as follows:
I will post weight loss numbers on a weekly basis (same day every week)
I will post a progress picture (s) every month (the 10th of each month)
I will continue to blog/diarize frequently, some weeks may have more/less posts than others, however I will keep it current.
The "weight" is goes nothing!!! (okay, I'm stalling here...)

December 10, 2008 - Day 1
Starting Weight: 258 lbs


Wegotnext said...

I'm with you 100% Joania! I know you can do it!!! I even feel like I should join you! You just might have a buddy on your journey...!

Mellisa said...

I clicked on your blog after seeing that Fiona had joined your FB group in my daily feed. I too, am fighting the same fight as you, So far, 20 lbs in 5 weeks. Now the goal is to keep it off ... and not gain it again only to have to start all over.

I wish you loads of luck and success. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Joania said...

Thank you guys!! Join me! Join the group on FB and join the journey!! :)

Joania said...

Thanks Mellisa and Congrats to you!!! Keep it up (off)!! :)

Canadian woman hoping to inspire others said...

Hey joania...the pics they arent bad..come on..look on the bright side..could have been worse!!:-)
nothing that you cannot fix..remember kick your butt and get it done..before you know it one month pics will come up next..and if you stick with will see a BIG difference in just a month that will make you SMILE huge ok. So give it girl!! get going! face it and defeat it!!!:-)

margaret said...

I am so very proud of u!!!!You CAN do this and you WILL do this!!After we spoke monday night i went to be thinking about all that was said.I realized that there is NO way i will let my best friend do this with my full support.Soooo i am here this morning to tell u YES i will be joining u on this incredible journey!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Jo, you rock. You know you can do it. I am there with you all the way. I am sorta trying to take the same journey...found out I had some medical problems and need to loose weight and get in shape...I wanna be here for my girls when there are older. Thinking about that really hits home...Ever if you need anything, call, write, yell ;) whatever it takes to get me. I will be there for you. Eliz

Anonymous said...


I'm in it with you! You are completely infectious and make us all realize we too can do it! You can do anything you set your heart to, and your heart is in the right place. I and everyone else here will be there every step and pound of the way! Way to go ya!