Thursday, January 8, 2009

EXERCISE...I'm Not Allergic!!

Well, I've been getting a lot of questions about what I'm doing and how I'm losing this weight. I want to again assure everyone that this is not some crazy fad diet or anything like that. I'm working my ass off everyday and it's also a mental battle for me to stay on track with my food (see my posts titled, "Stronger than a BIGMAC" or "Yummy toothpaste???"). I'm doing this naturally by eating healthy foods and using quality customized exercises. I'm not taking any diet pills or caffeine pills or those ones that promise to shed 25 pounds in two days!! I take a multi vitamin everyday and that's it!!!
For quite a long time my own personal motto was, "Joania -addicted to chocolate, allergic to exercise!!" Well, had I continued down that crazy path, who knows?,

After completing my first month of seriously working out (everyday or at the very least, 6 days a week), I've actually started to enjoy exercising. Believe it or not, it gives me energy, a little extra pep in my day (almost as good as what those chocolate bars used to do for me - mmm Snickers, KitKat - but the "exercise energy" lasts longer). Seriously, I'm starting to really enjoy my workouts, it makes me feel strong, you should see the posing going on after I finish my set of push-ups (Hulk Hogan has nothing on me)'s awesome!! NOW please don't get me wrong.

Exercise doesn't come easy to me at all. Every morning I have to FORCE myself to get started, talk myself into doing it, remind myself why I'm doing it. It takes great effort on my part to get going but once I get started, it's usually okay!! So I've come to realize that I'm not at all allergic to exercise, I just needed the right motivation, tools, support and guidance to get my lazy ass moving!! So here's what I do:

A Customized Training Program - 3 times a week (1 hour)
The picture included above is the actual items (which I'm calling, "MY FIVE") that I've used every second day since starting this journey on December 10, 2008.


  1. The Exercise Ball - it looks harmless, but used under the guidance and instruction of my trainer Rob, it becomes a very deadly tool. Highly effective. Pain, but it gets results.
  2. Weights - helps to build the muscles (they're there, somewhere!)
  3. Mat - a little added comfort and support
  4. Water - can't do without it!! All day. The first thing I drink in the morning and last thing I drink before I go to bed! A must have during the work out. Very important to keep hydrated throughout the day. It will help with the weightloss (I'm putting it to the test).
  5. Sneakers - comfort and support.
Cardio Training - 3 times a week (20 mins each session)

  • treadmill
  • elliptical
  • bike
  • walking
  • cycling
  • jogging
  • swimming, etc.

So for example, today (Thursday) was my cardio day, so I power walked on the treadmill for 20 mins (that's it). My program is progressive so as time passes, the intensity, difficulty will change (more than likely increase). Sometimes I use the elliptical, or the stationary bike. If it's not too cold, I go for a brisk walk/slight jog outside. I also want to incorporate swimming and other different activities in there soon so I don't get bored.

Tomorrow, I will do my training program using "My Five", which includes weights, core training, balance training and a lot of exercises using my own body weight (like push ups, bridges etc.)

Then on Saturday, it's back to Cardio. I've just continued on, day after day and before I knew it, one month was completed!!

Now, I won't get ridiculously specific with the exercises from my training program because, remember I am using a personal trainer and out of respect for him (and the great stuff he does), and his business I don't think it would be fair to do so. To his credit, he's very open and helpful, he has a great website ( full of very useful tips and you can always contact him for additional info. Sign up with him, it WILL be worth it! Join ME!! :)

ROB - If you wanted to post some tips or anything else here or on the Facebook page, please feel free or not..totally up to you!

So that's pretty well it for exercising... That's the secret!! A lot of hard work, I've developed a serious passion for what I'm doing and proper eating!! That's how I lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks!! I will describe a typical day with me and this new lifestyle, including what I eat in a future post - so stay tuned.

It is definitely a combined effort of proper eating and exercise...they go hand in hand. I'm quickly realizing that!

Hope that helps and inspires you to get started or at least get you thinking of getting started! :)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Joania,
It's Marie, i think the pics are amazing!!!!!!! I have to say I wasn't expecting to see such a change in you. ( for the first pics). I think you look much healthier and definitely more confident, your standing so tall and so strong.
I'm so proud of you girl!!!!!!!!!!!
You are inpiring me to start getting healthy and I could lose about 10-15lbs myself but most of all I feel 46 instead of 36. any way enough about me, I'm THRILLED for you!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see the next pics. Please email me if you have a bad day and need inspiration.
Love to you , Marie