Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorry Again for the Mix Up Today - My bad!! :)

Hi everyone,

Well by the time I got home today, I had in excess of 100 requests regarding the article that was to appear in today's paper!! Let me first say sorry for the mix up with the days - my bad on that one!!

Some of you told me that I owe you 25cents; others said I owe $1!! Which is it and why are some of you trying to scam 75 cents off me??? heh?? heh?? kidding!! Just to let you know, you can go to Starbucks or Timmy's for a coffee and read the paper for free or even the library...BUT I UNDERSTAND, you want to keep it and frame it (**smiles**) ;)

On a serious note, the writer from the Citizen contacted me today to confirm that they WILL BE RUNNING OUR STORY...the editor likes it (YEAH!!) and they want to ensure it gets good exposure!! So it may be in Saturday's paper...In any event she will confirm the day and details with me on Friday....I will keep you all posted!!

Thanks to all of you for the nice comments today regarding the weightloss. I am so happy about those 3 pounds and still can't believe I've lost 22 pounds!! Another 3 more pounds and I will be at another milestone (Lose 25 lbs)!! This is incredible to me. I'll be one quarter of the "weigh" to my ultimate 101 pound goal!! Wow!!

Anyway, that's it..just wanted to clear up the paper thing today ...

Until next time

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

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Steve said...

Looking forward to seeing the article for sure.