Sunday, June 28, 2009

PICTURES!!! Finally!!!!

Hi my husband and I finally got a chance to take some was a gorgeous day today so we went out and had some family fun with our 2-year old! We just got home about an hour ago and took the following pics.

A few things...

You will notice that I've changed my outfit...I wanted something different and new and SMALLER :))...I will use the original outfit in my final pics which I will take in December. But for now, I've changed it and who knows, I may get a new outfit with each new pic...we'll see. Anyway, this outfit is SIZE L for Large y'All!!! Not, 3x or 2x or even's L - LARGE. I love it...I kept it similar to the colours of the other outfit. Here's a couple of pictures showing the size I am now wearing.

Top - L/G...Large/Grand (en framçais) YEAH!!

Pants - L/G...Large/Grand
A pair of size 'L' pants fit over my butt!! Incredible!

I noticed a few things with these pics and with me overall. First of all, those "Lagana Lunges & Squats" have really started to shape my butt. Now I know that we black women have been "blessed" with having a little extra junk in the trunk, but for some reason, it skipped me - if you look at my 'before' pic from December (Back Shot), you'll notice the bootie wasn't as "shapely" as it now is. I'm not sure that I want everyone staring at my bootie but take a look at the pic below of me from the back....LOOK AT MY BUTT!!! LOOK AT IT!! All I have to say is "Lagana Lunges and Squats!!!"
Now for the pics....

Front: Me NOW...201lbs..June 28/09

In my new outfit, I might add

Me THEN: 258lbs, Dec 2008

Back: Me NOW - 201lbs June 28/09


Me THEN: 258lbs Dec, 2009

SIDE: NOW 201lbs June 28/09

THEN - 258lbs Dec, 2008

This is my "Just for Fun - I think I'm Kinda Hot Shot" lol!!

THAT's IT!! Let me know what you think!

Joania (2KMINE!!!)


The Veg Next Door said...

Great progress!

Anonymous said...

Joania, you look great!!! And I totally see the difference in your butt - you are looking hhhot baby!

Natasha in TO

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the lower size! What an accomplishment! Keep up the great work. It seems to be paying off :)

Lisa said...

wow! you can really see a difference!

MizFit said...


LOVE the pics.
you look great, yes, but your attitude your aura LOVE IT.

That last photo and the confidence you exude----amazing.

youre so so on your way.

Anonymous said...

wow, you're looking GREAT!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

You look like an entirely new person:) The smile on your face is infectious!!!

Congratulations on dropping the lbs in such a healthy and amazing manner!

Shelley said...

How cute are you?!? You look amazing - and congrats on the size "L" - I totally *get* that!

Crys said...

First, I'm loving the Michael mix! I just created a new MJ workout playlist!

And awesome progress! Nothing like pictures to confirm your hard work. I never took before pictures, because I was very confident there would be after pictures but now I'm wishing I had.

Keep up the great work!

margaret said...

Wow!!!Great Job Sexy Cattawang!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joania, you are looking great. Your neck (upper body) looks so much smaller...great work, keep doing those lunges and squats, they are the best. Good work girl.

Siobhan said...

Way to go! Isn't it the best feeling going down in clothes sizes? :-D

Anonymous said...

I think you are hot!!! Great work!

Vicki Storaas said...

You are looking awesome! Your butt is definately very stuff! Keep going! You are WAY more than half way to your goal! Way to go!!

South Beach Steve said...

It looks like you are making great progress! Congrats on the "L", "M" is on the way!

Kimmy said...

You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up! I can smell ONEDERLAND!

Adventure BootCamp - Orleans/Kanata said...

So proud of you JoJo I knew you had it in you - keep up the great work girl and would love to see ya back out sometime - even for just a friend day

take care


Operation Shape Shift said...

Great job with the weight loss! Iʼm inspired! Cheers, Erin