Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cinnamon or Cinnabon

Hi all,

So, on Wednesday, I was walking through the mall. I had just had a salad with grilled chicken breast (no dressing) and a bottle of water from Subway and I was feeling good. I was actually looking for a new purse/bag. So I just kept on walking, in and out of various stores when all of a sudden, I stop dead in my tracks. I was almost scared to take another step. There she was, right in front of me!!! Who, you may be wondering?? Oh I'll tell ya!! It was the lady from the Cinnabon store and that's not the worst part. To top it off, not only was she standing in front of me with a very pleasant and INVITING smile.....SHE HAD A TRAY FILLED WITH PIECES OF CINNABONS SLATHERED IN ICING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I don't know if you're all familiar with Cinnabon...let me enlighten you..It's a cinnamon roll described as follows: "Warm dough, filled with our legendary Cinnamon, topped with freshly made cream cheese frosting" or Caramel Pecan Bun (my fav!!) described as, "Warm dough, filled with our legendary Cinnamon, topped with pecans and smothered with rich caramel.

Take a look at these pictures....imagine the wonderful aroma that accompanies these babies!!

So this is what I was faced with, only they were cut up in perfect bite sized pieces with a toothpick stuck in head was spinning, the aroma was amazing, my mouth was watering....she (cinnabon lady) approached and said, "would you like to try one?"....OMG!! Why is she asking me that question!?!?!? She's not a very big lady, rather petite actually and probably late 40's. She's so sweet, I can't hurt her feelings by not taking one, can I????

I started to rationalize. I remembered my trainer saying that Cinnamon is really good for you and really good when you're eating healthy...back then I was certain he said Cinnamon, but at this moment, my memory became fuzzy...did he really say Cinnamon or did he say Cinnabon!!!???!! I know he said cinnamon, of course he said cinnamon.....Again I heard, "would you like to try one?"

"Yes, thank you!" I said and grabbed one and quickly popped it into my mouth before I could give it another thought . I swear, I died and went to heaven the instant that sugar hit my tongue, then I quickly came backto earth and thought to myself, "oh crap, your ass is in for it now!!" I wanted more..I wanted 2 buns or 4...holy crap, I have to get out of here...why won't my legs move!! "MOVE Legs!! Move!!" but nothing. I just stood there staring at the Cinnabon shop like a friggin zombie!! "Run Fat Girl, Run!!! (not being mean, just quoting one of my favourite movies, Run Fatboy, Run!!) still nothing. I had to get out of there. I know that if I made it to the counter, it would be on!!

Finally, I saw this guy walking by with a subway bag and I remembered what I had for lunch, then I started thinking about my journey and my goals and not wanting to fall off the wagon. I told myself to be satisfied with the puny morcel that I did have (and I mean puny - but delicious nonetheless). I guess the Cinnabon lady noticed that I was still standing there, so she approached me again and asked, "would you like to try the pecan caramel one??"

"NO THANKS!!!" I practically screamed and took off like UsainBolt !! I was out of there!! Thank goodness.

Now, how did I feel about the morcel eating?? It didn't bother me one bit...I laughed about it on my way home!! I know I burnt any calories from it with that sprint to get out of there!!

Just thought I'd share that.

Joania (2000 MINE!!!)

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Tanya said...

HAHHAH OMG Joania...I loved this blog...although just looking at hte pictures I think KILLED ME!!!

I don't think I even needed that little sweet petite lady...all you had to do was show me the picture...Mmmm! Good thing I'm not there

I think it's important to have a realistic expectation, this is a life change...You're going to have to deal with the real world why not now. Good for you, you're so strong! I'm sure the little morcel thanked you and sent you on your merry way...running LOL You're too cute!