Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chocolate Brain

Here we are approaching the end of yet another week. This week flew by for me. Tomorrow is already "Weigh In Wednesday" (that's what I'll be calling it from now on) and I just can't get over how quickly this week went by. I've been having so much fun reviewing those progress pics, especially the shot from the back!! Wow!

Anyway, I've been working really hard this week, trying to capitalize on the momentum and motivation gained from the pics. My workouts have been awesome, HOWEVER, I have been having some horrid cravings!! Bad ones, really bad; worse than when I was even pregnant!! I just can't get the thought of rich, milky, creamy chocolate off my mind. I know that's where it is ...ON MY DAMN MIND!!! My body doesn't need it or want it, but in my head, I just can't stop thinking about it. It's nuts, I find myself thinking of chocolate constantly!!! It's not just chocolate bars or pieces, I mean chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cheesecake....chocolate gosh darn bananas!!!! Am I crazy?? I must be crazy! I can literally close my eyes and taste it, but that's just not good enough. I've been chugging some serious water....NOT WORKING!!! I've brushed my teeth (okay mostly sucked toothpaste), several times...NOT WORKING!!! BTW, why hasn't Crest or Colgate created a chocolate flavoured toothpaste???? Or have they already done it and I'm just unaware??????????? It's now just a head game....I CAN NOT CAVE!

Even if I decide right this moment that I'm going to have some chocolate, I'm screwed, I've got nothing in this house. I'd have to get dressed, warm up the car, because it's freezing outside and then drive to the store...not worth it!! Is it?? No, not worth it!! Okay, I'm gonna have some almonds...before, I used to suck all the chocolate off of Chocolate Almonds and eat the nuts after.....maybe eating these raw almonds will trick my mind into thinking I've already had the chocolate.



Skye's the Limit said...

Girl, I know exactly where you are coming from with this one! Aunt Flow is visiting me right now and all I want is chocolate. And like you, I don't care what it is. Just as long as it's chocolate. I tried eating a Jello ff/sf chocolate pudding. Nope, it didn't work. I want the real thing! I can't wait until this feeling goes away. Sorry I couldn't be more encouraging, but at least you know you're not alone.

Lagana Fitness said...

yeah, the chocolate sugar free / fat free chocolate pudding is a good idea.. so is emptying a full 1L packet of Crystal light into 10 oz. glass of water... you might end up with a headache on the later one though.. but I bet your sweet craving would go away.

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