Saturday, January 24, 2009

Training Program - Phase 2

Hi all,

Well it's been 6 weeks and it's now time to change
up my training routine. This is all part of the progressive workout plan. I met with Rob this morning at his workout studio so that we could run through my new, more difficult training routine and WOW!! It's awesome. I FELT so STRONG and just great doing this routine. This routine incorporates a few more exercises using weights and they're killer (but good)!! I have also increased the amount of weight I'm lifting based on Rob's was amazing to me how he just watched me do the exercise and could determine that I needed to increase the weight...he's a true professional. I tried to pull one over on him with one of the exercises because I was a bit nervous about increasing the weight...he just looked at me and said, "you're moving up to 12's on the next set!!" BUSTED!! I just had to laugh. And of course, he was right...much more effective...too funny! I am now doing supersets (2 sets of 2 different exercises with no rest period in between), then rest and do the next two and continue until the end. My heart was pumping...It was awesome. I find that I am really enjoying the weight lifting part of the workout. It just makes me feel so strong. I really like it...

Rob also gave me some new suggestions, options with my meal plan so that I don't get bored! So far so good. The food suggestions look amazing - can't "weight" to try them.

It was a great session today, thanks Rob....and that's not all that happened at Rob's Workout Studio today.......See next post, it's part of MY BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joania (2000 MINE!!!)

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