Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Journey is Public.....

Good Saturday morning y'all!!

The article has been published in Ottawa Citizen, Arts and Life section, G3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's WAY bigger than I thought it would be and I think Alison (the writer) did a great job - thanks again, Alison!!

Please pick one up....

For my readers who don't get the citizen, here's the link:


Joania (2KMINE!!!)


kje said...

it's a great article Joania - congrats on your success thus far and keep it going!

kje in ottawa

Anonymous said...

Came across the article on your journey, in today's paper. Best of luck. I am going to make some of your meals. Presentation does help.

willow, ottawa

The Veg Next Door said...

Hey there, Read the article. You're very inspiring to many people, particularly moms. I love that you were honest and indicated that you get up early to work out. Often it's the first excuse (I don't have time) we use to not work out. Great that you are making the time and taking care of your health. Best wishes. I'll be reading your blog and tracking your success.

Great to see that you're reading Tosca's book. Great information regarding nutrition in all her books.

Nia said...

Hi Jonanie,
The article was great. Keep it up now that everyone knows, you can't hide!

Joania said...

Thanks everyone....your support means so much to me.
The Veg Next Door - Thanks so much and yes, that use to be MY # 1 excuse (I don't have the time)..but it's just about making that time an committing to it. Thanks for the support. So far Tosca's book is great,can't wait to get through it.

Tanya said...

Oh Joania....that article was amazing! We cut it out and put it on my inspiration wall, you're up there...picture and all! You can do this...just small'll get to that finish're already a champion!

For all of you that don't know Joania...I just want you to know what a wonderful mother she is to her son. She is so loving and caring and invests the time into him and it shows! She devotes her time to raising the family she has and does a great job at it. Joania...way to go girl getting up early every make us all proud!

Joania said...

TANYA!!!!!!!!!!! You are too good to me.. too're a good mommy too - an amazing serrogate mommy to my little baby!! ;)Luv ya!!