Friday, January 23, 2009

To Weigh or Not To Weigh...

Hi guys,
I've just finished reading the book Breakin'Free. It's the story of one woman's quest to shed 150 pounds in 12 months with the use of a personal trainer, proper nutrition and shear determination. It's an awesome read. Very honest depiction of her struggles and SUCCESS!!! This woman is Rosy - I mentioned her in my first post. She is and remains a great source of inspiration for me. The trainer she used, is the one I'm currently using, Rob Lagana.

I encourage you to check out this book, it's a good price and a very good read and it will inspire you, trust me on that one. Check out the website (

Anyway, Rob wrote a pamphlet (mini book - outlines diet and exercise tips and a lot of very useful information) which accompanies this book and in it, he mentions that one should not use the scale as the main point of reference when it comes to weight loss. You should look at other indicators such as: improved fitness, body fat percentage, inches lossed and how you're feeling and how your clothes fit. The scale shouldn't be used every couple of days or even every week....I've heard this before. I know that the scale can play mind games when you're trying to lose weight. This is where I am right now.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as I've noticed that my weight loss is always at around 1 to 2 pounds a week. I would love to see bigger numbers even though I know I'm doing well. I often find myself having to constantly re-assure myself that I'm losing weight at the perfect pace! Seeing a bigger number on this scale is an automatic motivator and some times when you don't see that number, you can't help but feeling somewhat discouraged.
So, because I've this, I've been thinking that maybe I should weigh myself EVERY TWO WEEKS instead of once a week. What do you guys think?? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I've set up a poll asking those questions...majority will rule...if you have a minute, please complete the poll on the right..THANKS!!

That's it for now...thanks!

Joania (2000 MINE!!!)

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Early said...

Hi. Great job on the weight loss! I wish I could have a losing streak such as yours sometime. Way to go!

Well, I weigh in much more often than once a week, and I think I've become immune to the scale's bullying, whatever it shows I take as it is. I do, however, believe that also relying on other means to assess your progress can encourage one more than the scale. Or even console when the scale isn't very friendly.