Saturday, May 23, 2009

Have You Tried to Cut Your Own Wood??

Cut Your Own Wood And It Will Warm You Twice!! Henry Ford

That is one of my favourite quotes by Henry Ford. What he meant was that the person who chops their own firewood, not only enjoys the heat from the logs burning in the fireplace, but also gets physically warmed from the exercise involved in their labor.

If you really want to enjoy your workout/exercises and benefits thereof, you should “cut your own wood” by doing things for yourself. For years I looked for the quick fix, the miracle drug, the easy solution. If I could just take a pill and have all the weight just fall off!! Let the "science" of that wonder drug do the work for me and I reap the rewards. Well, I know better. I've realized that I will be "chopping wood" for a long time but the "warmth" I will receive will do me wonders!! It already has.
Two weigh-ins back, when I had my first gain, it really got me thinking. I really need to give this my all and continue "cutting that wood". I can't miss workouts and "hope" that the weight will continue to fall off. I can't sneak in unhealthy foods and drinks here and there, and expect those same results!! I must remember to drink enough water throughout this process. I need to consistently and continuously put in the work to see results. I need to chop my own wood!!
Anyway, I'm just trying to regain focus and keep myself on that right path!! I've been really battling it out in my head lately. I mentioned briefly before of my past history of "self-sabbotaging" when it comes to getting fit, "enjoying" the comforts of being fat. I've lost 50 pounds and somewhere in my head, a little voice is saying, "You've lost 50 lbs!! That's awesome!! One BIG MAC won't hurt!!" But I know that 1 big mac will turn into a meal with supersized fries and a large coke (plus 2 apple pies and possibly 6-pc chicken mcnuggets)!! I can't let myself fall back in that cycle. So right now, it truly is a mental battle for me. A head game, you know?
I think back to what my FB friend, Mark once told me, "If your head is right, your ass will follow!". It is so true. Your head really has to be in the right place. I'm starting to think that the mental journey will be more difficult than the physical one.
My trainer, RobLagana once wrote, "the weakest link to the body is the mind!" I can totally see where he's coming from with that statement, and I believe it's true, HOWEVER, I also believe (and I think he does as well) that the mind CAN BE the strongest link. One just has to train the mind to be strong and efficient and that's what I am currently working on, where this journey is concerned. Right now, I do feel like my mind is not as strong as it needs to be, but I'm doing some "mental strength training" right now to get it where it needs to be for me to succeed and achieve my goals AND I WILL!! I AM WOMAN, afterall and everybody knows we can do anything!! ;)
I am not at all bored with my exercise program, it is extremely challenging even at this point and it frequently and progressively changes. I still can't get through all my reps of certain exercises. So, I can't possibly see myself ever getting bored with my training program. Eating is posing a bit of a challenge and I just can't figure out why. I make different meals all the time, and they're tasty!! Always trying new recipes. So I really just think it's my mind right now!!
To be completely honest, I just sometimes feel like I should take a break. Maybe a week or two of eating whatever I want - BUT I KNOW that's not a good idea. That would just set me so far back (maybe not physically), but mentally!! I've worked so hard the past months to adopt this new lifestyle, I really DO NOT want to throw that away, not even temporarily! I'd feel like I was going backwards - and who wants that feeling?? NOT ME!!
So as it stands, I'm still on track but the view is just a little blurry right now. I just need to regain that focus!! I've been really thinking of training for a 5K this fall (Sep/Oct). It would be to benefit Cancer research - so that would be a different type of reward for me. I would have to start training next month, if I decide to go that way. I think just having a different goal (apart from just losing a certain amount of weight - not that anything is wrong with that) may help me to re-focus!
What do you guys think?? Gosh this journey is hard. It is filled with SO MANY ups and downs and bumps and hurdles. I am determined though!! I will keep chopping that wood!!:)
Anyway, that's it for now...
Until next time...


A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

What a great time for you to post this. I've been feeling the same way for a couple of days. No I'm not at my goal, but would it really hurt for me to have a day or a week where I just took a break and didnt spend so much time thinking about what I'm going to eat, or making sure I got in the right amount of excercise?

I wish I could take that time off, but I know I cant. I'll never make it to my goal if I do, but it is SO HARD to stay on a path this narrow for so entirely long. I keep seeing in magazines "bootcamp to bikini season" or "lose 5 lbs in one week"...seriously, even those things wont get me anywhere close to goal!

South Beach Steve said...

Great post with a lot of truth. It is funny that we work so hard to automate or make the labor we have to do easier, then we turn around and spend our money at a gym to get a workout. It really doesn't make sense.