Monday, May 25, 2009

Big News - ON THE RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

First off, thanks for all the well wishes, hopefully, I'll get over this sore throat/cold/flu thing sooner than later. Thanks for all the home remedy suggestions (Kimberley)! :)

So what's my news....well as of yesterday it was one thing but today it's another!!!:) I'll tell you what the original news was later (maybe this post, maybe another).

Okay, so hubby and baby pick me up from work today, I get home, run around with my son for a bit (of late we've been going outside because it's been so nice). I cut it short today because I'm still not feeling that well. Anyway, we came in. I gave my son a snack and came on line to check my emails.

Well, to my pleasant surprise, there was an email titled, "Interview Request"!!! I open it up and it's from Lauren Stone of The LiVE 88.5 Start-Up, a local radio station here in Ottawa. Check them out here. I must be honest, I've probably listened to them once or twice, not a regular listener - but I WILL BE NOW!! :)

They want to do a radio interview with me!! Isn't that nuts? I truly can't believe that people would want to really hear my little story...I think it's cool! So they want to do an interview with me about "my inspiring weight loss story" and how it led to the Particpaction commercial. It would be a 5-10 minute interview, either over the phone or in the studio!! I'm so excited!! Of course I wrote back saying YES!! I think it's awesome.

Anyway, that's it for this news...I will keep you all posted as soon as I get more details.

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Anonymous said...

Wow what a celeb!!! To hell with Oprah - Canada sure is giving you inspiration AND the recognition you deserve!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! But I still feel tortured. Another sleepless night wondering what the other news is.

You are just like Scheherazade.

Hope you are feeling better!

South Beach Steve said...

That is great news Joania! Congratulations!