Friday, May 1, 2009

OH, What a Night!!!

Well y'all, I've got a lot to say today, the good, the good, the alcohol!!! :)

The Good

Last night was my mini high school reunion; I believe I mentionned it briefly in a previous post. Now it wasn't a full blown reunion, just a group of friends (about 25) from the same graduating year, getting together after not seeing each other since high school (in this case, since 1992), at a nice restaurant to share food, drinks, memories, fabulous conversation and to have a great time!! It was wonderful, I had such an amazing time. Seeing everyone brought back memories, great stories and lots and lots of laughs!! It was such great fun. We hope to do it again next year!!

The Good

My trainer actually gave me carte blanche, well "carte grey" actually , to enjoy myself. I emailed him prior to tell him that I would be attending and I had all intentions of enjoying myself that evening with little to no restrictions. He responded, "Have a great time at your reunion, BUT, if you're going to drink, stay away from fatty foods!" So I took that as one or the other, but not both. Initially, I thought to myself , "Oh man, I'm going to this fabulous Italian restaurant and I could either have a nice pasta dish but no alcohol or vice versa!" I didn't know if I was going to listen to my trainer last night! Do I delete his email and pretend it got lost in cyber space so that I could eat whatever I wanted to? Do I eat and drink what I want and just apologize later?? Oh what to do?? Well I decided to listen to my trainer and just have one or the other!! I worked out that morning and ate all healthy meals throughout the day with the exception of dinner, which I had prior to going to the restaurant...I had 2 small beef fajita's with onions, mushrooms and broccoli and a little shredded cheddar cheese....should've had whole wheat tortilla shells but I didn't...

The Alcohol

I decided to drink y'all AND BOY DID I EVER!! I had a nice buzz going from very early on in the evening. I had a strawberry daquiri with my dinner and drank vodka spiked grape KoolAid prior to leaving my house. My girlfriend was with me so it made it way more fun!! When we finally got to the restaurant for the reunion (around 830pm), I started with a glass of red wine and asked the waiter what his name was, as I knew I'd be calling on him often!!! Once that red wine hit my tongue, it was almost magical and I just couldn't wait to have another - GUILT FREE!! It was awesome!! My best friend from high school was my drinking buddy last night and we fell right back into our old highschool ways felt and no inhibitions..okay, okay, I was toasted all night. There was a smile as big and bright as the moon across my face and I just remember giggling the entire night. See pic below with my BF on the left and a friend from high school who btw, has not aged one second since then!!!! We had such fun last night.
It was amazing!! We had such a blast. I had wine, white russians, and shooters of all kinds (i don't even remember the cute names that went along with each different one I tried that night - I'm referring to the shooters here!!). I felt like a crazy teenager again....Such a fun night and I really did not miss the fatty foods at all....maybe it's because there's was never a moment that I didn't have a drink in my hand!! LOL!!!
I have lots more to write but unfortunately, I have to sign off...will be back later. I am leaving again for another business trip and I need to get packed and prepped, but my laptop will be with me, so I will continue posting later.
BTW, please note that I am wearing a new top that actually shows my arms (I would have never worn that before) there is some definition (probably not visible), the top is an more 3x, 2x or 1x!!!! I'm also wearing another pair of size 16 jeans!!!
Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Joania, can I just say that you look FABULOUS? 100 times over, FAB!

Natasha in TO

Anonymous said...

Girl... THAT WAAAAS a great night!! You looked amazing... It was fun to see how all of us have changed body wise over the years, including myself. It didn't and doesn't matter because we all are happy and successful in our own way. It was amazing to see you and we have to get together soon!

Keep up the great work and HI ROB!! Don't be too tough on Joania... she actually did pretty good!

HUGS, Fran

Anonymous said...

Joania... I am showing my BFF Heather your blog... WOWZERS!!! you've done and are doing amazing!!!!!!! ... On your bucket list you say saving a life... you're doing it now!! you're saving yours!!!

HUGS and LUVS!!!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I love the picture, you look amazing and look like youre haivng so much fun!!!!

I cant wait until I can say that I'm wearing size 16's and regular XL's! You should be so proud of yourself :)

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I left something on my blog for you!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Joan!! You look absolutely fabulous.