Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Ottawa Citizen Follow-up Article!!!

They're checking up on me y'all!! lol!! Glad I kept my butt in check the past few months!!

I received an email yesterday from Alison Korn, the Ottawa Citizen writer who wrote the feature on my story about 5 months ago. Check it out here:

Anyway, they're interested in doing a follow-up interview to check on my progress etc. I'm so happy that they decided to do this, more importantly,I'm so happy I've been able to stay on track!! I'd feel like such a turd if I hadn't! :)

It was always in the back of my mind that they might do a follow-up. I'm actually quite excited to show my progress. The article was done back in January (seems like such a long time ago) and SOOOOO much has changed since. At that time, I had completed only 7 weeks of the journey and had lost 22 pounds. Now, I'm down 30 additional pounds for a total of 52 POUNDS lost and feeling great, and there's just so much to share, including my new plans of training for a 5K run!!!

So I am looking forward to it. They will be sending a photographer to take a current picture....proof is in the pix, right?? I will do the interview next week and keep you posted (as always) as the details become available.

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!)


Slim said...

That's a great article. I look forward to seeing the second one! Does your trainer work with people through the internet? LOL I'm not sure I could find a trainer that would get as detailed as yours. I live in a very small town & the nearest big town is about 45 minutes from here. Keep on working hard!!! It's paying off & you're an inspiration to soooo many!!!

Texas Lisa said...

wow! congrats!