Saturday, May 16, 2009

Questions and Answers

Hi everyone,

I've been getting a lot of questions and comments of late asking for tips and tricks to weightloss. I don't want to sound like those really fit people I used to watch on TV who would always say, "there ARE NO QUICK TIPS AND TRICKS", but I have to be honest. There truly are no quick tips or tricks!! Really! It's about committment, dedication, hard work and discipline. I am working my butt off (literally) everyday and it is a constant mental battle to stay on track. It hasn't been easy thusfar and I believe it's only going to get harder!! I 'm always reminding myself of my reasons for doing this.

There are tools to ensure success (providing those tools are properly used). Two of the most important tools you will need are proper nutrition and proper exercise. For me, by far the most important part of this journey (other than myself, and all the support of my family, friends and blogging community, of course) is my trainer. He's provided me with the proper tools that I am currently using to succeed AND IT'S WORKING!!!

Over the past 5-6 months, I've been receiving a monthly newsletter filled with valuable information and it has helped me on this journey. If you are interested, Rob (my trainer) is the author of this monthly newsletter which is full of valuable information regarding nutrition, exercises, fitness etc. Simply go to his website and submit your name and email address and you will receive his monthly newsletter - FREE of charge. It's loaded with useful and valuable info that can help you on your way to achieving your goals. Visit his site at , read the "AboutRob" section to find out about his credentials and sign up for the newsletter. One of my favourite newsletter topics was titled, "Boost Your Metabolic Rate - 7 Fundamentals" - this article outlined (in detail), the 7 things to do to increase that old metabolism and in turn help with weight loss. That's only one of them, i would really recommend signing up for's free info that WILL help you.

I will put up a post detailing what I am personally doing at this phase of my program. I hope this helps! Let me know. Thanks!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

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A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I just signed up for his newsletter! Thanks so much for the tip.

I completely agree with you, there are no tricks, there are no short cuts, you cant cut out an entire food group. Its about healthier choices throughout all areas of your life!

(Plus I'd love to read 7 ways to increase my metabolism...its sort of been sleeping lately!)