Friday, February 13, 2009

Week 9 Weigh In....2 More GONE!!!

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Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 235 lbs (Feb 4/09)
Current Weight: 233 lbs
This Week's Loss: 2 lbs

Hi everyone,

I'm back from my trip (got in last night) and the news is good!!! I was a bit nervous and anxious for this week's weigh in, however, I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleasantly surprised!! Another 2 pounds gone!!! YEAH BABY!! I've taken my 2 month pictures and will post them shortly (I haven't compared them yet, so I don't know if there's a noticeable difference). Another two pounds GONE!!! I've lost 25 POUNDS!! Incredible!! My first milestone....I will be rewarding myself with a new purse - can't wait!!

I will also be posting food pics and stories from my trip to Halifax...

Until then....I'm signing off 25 POUNDS LESS!!!

Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Mrs. Ingram said...

You go girl! I know you must be so proud of yourself. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

WHOOO HOOO! Congrats!