Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hi guys,

I am going nuts. I've just had a great week!! I lost another pound, lost a ton of inches, my clothes are loosening day by day, great workouts....everything is awesome BUT I just keep thinking of bad's driving me nuts and it's not because I'm not enjoying the healthy foods that I'm eating- I'm actually loving it...but my MIND is playing some serious games with me and i just don't know why!! I can't take it!! You should see me pacing around this house and what's even funnier, is that my son is following me around laughing (he thinks my pacing is a game - at least he's having fun!)

I find myself wanting to eat all sorts of things, like waffles, warm white bread dripping in butter, hot dogs, ice cream and WINE! WHY??? I don't know...this is just how I'm feeling. I have been drinking so much water today just to keep my tummy full in hopes that I won't want to eat anything!! Still not working!! I'm craving wine like it's nobody's business!!!! Chocolate cake!! Arrrrrghghghhhhh!! It's not that I'm hungry at all...I don't know just sucks!! It really does. I guess this is just part of it. I don't like this part, don't like it at all! I had chicken breast and some roasted veggies (will post pic later) for was delicious and satisfying but still not enough to shake these cravings.

I don't know what to do with myself right now - it's so frustrating.... I can't really go anywhere....I've got my 2 year old and it's mighty cold outside it's getting late..almost his bed time!! I just finished dancing with him (he loves dancing) goodness, if I had anything bad in the house to eat, it would be on right now!!

Part of me wants to say, "screw it!" and just pick up that phone and call Gabriel's (my fav pizza place - speaking of which, I need to take that number off speed dial) but I can't, I've come to far, worked to hard and I know this is a phase that won't last (HOPEFULLY) !! I just need to push through it...Damn!!!

Today is not, this journey is getting on my nerves!!! That's all I got right now....

Joania (2KMINE!!! although right now a piece of chocolate cake would be FINE!!)


shannon said...

Could you be coming up to your menstrual cycle? I found that my mind would go crazy - exactly like you are feeling (you give me a good laugh cause i know how frustrating it is) but i was like that right before my cycle and talked myself(paced) through it. and 2 days later chaching the thoughts her gone.

Joania said...

Hey shan,

Not it...just finished....I am so feking frustrated!! I can't get over it!!! I'm going to have some cucumbers and hope for the best!! Feking diet:)

vegas_chic said...

I just went through this two days ago. In fact you may want to check out my posts for the 3rd and 4th, we are almost in sync. I'm finally over it today. Good luck dearie, we all face this demon now and then. Maybe he's helping us learn (and I do mean he, cause he's so cruel).

Anonymous said...

A couple of suggestions for you - you could punctuate your supper with a fruit smoothie for dessert or you could have a cup of hot water with lemon when you get a craving. I find that hot water w/lemon is soothing and for some reason eliminates the palate's cravings...maybe it's just me but I thought I'd share! It's very insipiring to read your adventures, keep it up! : )
Natasha in TO

Nia said...

****This is a long comment. Bare with me, I know what you are going through****I thinnk your body knows what it's doing. Give it some food and don't think about it. When I lost 50lbs steadly for 6 months, I had days (PMS and after) when I ate "everything under the sun", I didn't gain lbs back but my body just felt fuller for like a week. But as soon as those feelings left, I picked it up right away and went back to my good eating habits. In this process I realized that I now listen to my body more, there is nothing that can stop you from eating what you are craving, it's all part of your body asking you for a break. Don't feel bad about it. Something else I did was when I had cravings, I ate more "good fats" like peanuts, almonds, avocadoes, and sardines. You are normal and dieting takes a toll on your body. Watch out for these kind of signs, they'll happen a lot during your weightloss process. Change it up a bit. Please don't give up, the reward will be great.
More suggestion: I know you are not counting calories, but I did. If I had to eat 5 mini-meals with 300 cals each, I'd replace 1 meal with a bar of Kitkat or 2 choc cookies...that'd take away the cravings and I wouldn't even think about it the next day. My body was "satisfied" and then I'd restarted the salads and veggies and all. As long as you workout hard, the weight won't come back just because you ate chocolate or a slice of pizza.
Don't give up.

Lagana Fitness said...

Cucumber is not enough. Buy some cinnamon tea and drink it. Then have a very large Salad. Also, you would need to de-stress yourself. Usually stress causes you to be anxious and and this is where feelings try to take control. Change your thoughts and you change your feelings. You can also try EFT. I can show you the EFT technique, the next time we meet. FB me and can chat about it.

Joania said...

Thanks everyone for all the advice. Rob - you really know your stuff...I've been busy prepping for an upcoming business trip...I wouldn't say that I'm stressed but I am a bit anxious about not F'ing up my diet while I'm maybe that's it...we'll definitely chat about EFT next time we meet!! Thanks!

Shannon said...

I like when you call me "shan" bring me back to grade 7 walking through the woods studying with you! You made me smile. I guess Rob is right and listen to him not us crazy people (i mean that kindly)!! Glad you figured out your trigger next time you can work through it faster knowing what your stress is.