Sunday, February 8, 2009

First BIG Test!!

I will be going away on business all next week so I will not unfortunately, be weighing in on Wednesday or taking my monthly pic on Tuesday (the 10th). I will take the pic and weigh in on Friday morning upon my return and will do my best to post them asap!! I don't think the couple of days will make a huge difference.

On another note, I think my crazy cravings the last few days were based on me feeling a bit anxious about going away and sticking to my diet and exercise plan.

Usually with business trips, I would eat out everyday and for every meal!! This time it WILL be different!! It has to be. It's good practice because life certainly doesn't stop just because I'm on this journey. I have to find ways of working with it! For example, this time when booking my hotel, one of my first concerns was to ensure that the hotel was equipped with a proper fitness facility (which thankfully it is - most of them are but how would I know, that was never my concern in the past), so this will ensure that I stick to my workout plan. Before, it was more like, "what size bed??", "do you offer free breakfast?", "24hour room service??" , "any restaurants and/or night clubs close by??" Everything centered around food and sleep!! LOL! What a difference!

I also did some research to find a grocery store close by where I could pick up some fresh foods and keep in my hotel room for snacks and meals etc. This will be one of my first BIG tests to sticking with this plan and I am trying to do everything I can in advance to ensure my success!

So that's it...wish me luck with this week...I have a feeling I'm going to need it! I will bring my laptop so I will post if and when time permits!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!)


Nia said...

Good for you for not giving in! So best of luck for this week, We know you can do it!

vegas_chic said...

I travel quite a bit myself, and I make sure I have some bars along, something along the line of luna bars or cereal bars from Whole Foods, should I be somewhere on the trip where getting decent food isn't an option. That way I don't go hungry and can calm the need to eat down enough to find something decent.

Also, those styrofoam coolers, if available, can help you keep things like yogurt in your room. Just get the ice from the hotel. Good luck, sounds like you've done a lot of planning so everything should work out well.