Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Note...THANKS!!

Just wanted to come on quickly with an update. I've had such a crazy and busy week. My son was sick, then my husband and I've been sooo busy..lots to fill you in....Lots of news!!! I will hopefully post later or tomorrow...

I wanted to come on to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR THE SUPPORT and encouragement. I will address the Sunny issue (briefly and for the last time) in my next post. However,, I really wanted to thank you all for the kind words/comments.

One individual stated (in comments) that this has turned into a "huge bitchfest and they are turned off!"...well, I disagree - I never liked the word "bitchfest" - never know if it's being used as a noun or verb and either way, I dislike it! Anyway, neither here nor there!.

I will share some wonderful news, a few things that I've learned about myself and life and whatever else will be on my mind at that time...

Until then....

Joania (2KMINE!!)

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