Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Eating Good in the Neighbourhood, Y'all!!

Hi guys,

I've been working it out in the kitchen lately. I absolutely love cooking and I think I'm a pretty good cook as well HOWEVER, I totally suck when it comes to cooking healthy meals (well at least, I used to)!! The problem is that as much as I love to cook, I TOTALLY LOVE TO EAT!! I LOVE foods that are rich in flavour and different tastes and spices. So, I've decided that it's time!! I'm turning over a new leaf!! I've been doing some research like it's nobody's business!! I'm on it!! I've been trying new things, substituting this with that....etc etc. I am on a mission to prepare tasty HEALTHY foods!
So far so good!! If only I could figure out a way to substitute 3 cheese homemade baked macaroni with healthy stuff, it would be awesome!! Anyway, here are a couple of my latest creations for supper.

I love jambalaya!! However, I have been avoiding rice and fatty meats (pork sausage) on my new eating plan - those are two of the key ingredients in jambalaya. Here's my replacement, which by the way is a work in progress. The next time I make it, I will add more stuff (peppers, different veggies etc.).

For this one I used shrimp, turkey sausages, onions, garlic, broccoli florets, black pepper, red pepper flakes and I served with a side of sweet potato (my fav). Here's what it looked like AND it was YUMMY!!
This is what it looked like while cooking in the pot....yummmy!!!

Now, here it is plated with a side of baked sweet potato! Looks good, huh??? It tasted awesome!!

Here's Supper #2!!!

This is Steamed Talapia & Veggies with Sweet Mash

I lined a baking dish with parchment paper (or wax paper - which is what I called it before Martha Stewart came along). Placed some frozen spinach. Then placed a Talapia fillet on top of the spinach and seasonned with onions, garlic, black pepper, curry powder, red peppe flakes. I then wrapped up the parchment so that the fish & veggies can cook by steam when placed in the oven (375 for 25 minutes). In the meantime, I baked a sweet potato, scooped out the potato from the skin and mashed it. That's it!!! YUM YUM!!! I'm two for two thusfar....lets see what happens tomorrow. Here are a couple shots of it!

I'm really enjoying cooking and coming up different creations...can't wait for tomorrow!
Until then...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


vegas_chic said...

It looks really good, especially that mash. I also like how you cooked the tilapia. I need to start cooking more fish at home. Good luck converting your favorites :).

Lagana Fitness said...

When people think healthy food tastes gross, I tell them to visit your blog and check out your dishes. My mouth waters every time ! lol

The Veg Next Door said...

Hey, Your Hubby is a vegetarian right? So you probably already know this but you can use veggie sausages when you're craving something "meaty" and "fatty". There are a few good ones on the market and they hit the spot when I'm looking for comfort foods.

Healthy food doesn't taste gross. I find that if something tastes gross then the cook is to blame or just a bad blend of ingredients. Why would food in its most natural state taste gross? We need to shift people's thinking.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

here is a mac and cheese you may love. My son was a die hard "blue box only" kind of kid till I made this one, and now he prefers it over that blue box stuff

Mac and 3 cheese

serves 3
6 ounces whole wheat pasta
2 cups butternut squash --cooked
1 cup skim milk
4 ounces cheddar cheese,shredded
1/2 cup cottage cheese,lowfat
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon dry mustard
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Cook pasta according to package directions. In a large suceppan heat the squash and milk till simmering. Remove from heat, add the cheddar cheese andcottage cheese, spices and combine. Pour mixture over cooked pasta and sprinkle with parm cheese. Bake 20 minutes

Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 465 Calories; 15g Fat (28.1% calories from fat); 28g Protein; 59g Carbohydrate; 6g Dietary Fiber; 45mg Cholesterol; 1210mg Sodium. Exchanges: 3 1/2 Grain(Starch); 2 Lean Meat; 1/2 Non-Fat Milk; 2 Fat.

Joania said...

Hey Vegas tasted REALLY good..try it and let me know what you think.

Rob - coming from you, huge compliment. I don't think I know anyone who loves food more than you - who else has an entire album dedicated to food.

Joania said...

Incred Shrinking Fam - Thanks for the Mac n cheese recipe

Anonymous said...

OMG, luv your recipie pix. Here it is Wed. morning and I'm at work looking at the food after eating my steelcut oatmeal w/yogurt & berries and I'm salivating!!!

Elizabeth said... you like soup? I have been making some very tasty soups lately that might work in your plan. Yesterday it was roasted butternut squash with ginger. I have one for sweet potatoes that I'm going to try next week. The roasting makes them sweet and you can add some agave nectar or apples/pears if you want more sweetness. I find it very filling and a nice change from salad. Also good in the late afternoon when the munchies sometimes hit.

I also have a recipe for a roasted cauliflower gratin/puree - gives the same "feel" as mashed potatoes.

Tanya said...

Wow...chef Joania!!!! I never knew you went to cooking school...mmmmm looks delicious!