Friday, February 13, 2009

Anniversary Pics Comparing Dec 10 vs. Current (Feb 13)

Hi again,

I've received numerous requests to post my original pics taken on Dec 10/08 with these current ones taken today (Feb 13/09). It will show EXACTLY how far I've come. So here they are...

FRONT: Top - Dec 10/08 (258lbs) Bottom - Feb 13/09 (233lbs)

SIDE: Top - Dec 10/08 (258lbs) Bottom - Feb 13/09 (233lbs)

BACK: Top - Dec 10/08 (258lbs) Bottom - Feb 13/09 (233lbs)

FUN: Top - Dec 10/08 (258lbs) Bottom - Feb 13/09 (233lbs)


A Diva On a Diet said...

YAY!! the difference is magnificent. You are truly shedding weight girlfriend and looking GOOD! I like the charlies angel pic, u look so good stay in it and dont stop because your results are something to be reckoned with!

Lagana Fitness said...

Your shedding! Good improvements! Clearly on your back, hips and legs

Joania said...

Thanks Diva..I LOVE your blog BTW :)


Thanks Rob!

Shana said...

Looking good girl! You're such an inpiration!

Anonymous said...

Lookin real good girl!