Monday, February 16, 2009

This New Way of Eating is $aving Me Money!!

I've heard quite a few people say how expensive it is to eat healthy. Well, now that I've been doing this for awhile (3 months), I can honestly say that I DISAGREE with that statement - if anything, I've saved so much money. Now this may vary from person to person but for me...I've never before kept cash in my wallet for this long!! In the past, when I went to the ATM, took out some cash - say $20 or $40 would be done in two days and sometimes even sooner. Now, I take $40 bucks out of the machine and a week later, that same $40 bucks is still sitting in my wallet!! This is what used to happen...

Monday morning, I would take $40 bucks out of the machine. I RARELY brought my lunch to work, much less snacks!! There's a cafeteria in my building and several vending machines which fed me on a daily basis!! I would get to work and buy my breakfast which usually was a fried egg and cheese sandwich or bagel, egg and cheese, with a bottle of juice and a muffin (for later - who am I fooling? I ate that muffin as a morning dessert!!). There went about 7-8 dollars. By mid morning, I'd grab a coke (I know it sounds disgusting having a pop so early, but it was a bad habit at the time - and more common than one might think). That's another $1.50 or $2.00 depending on the size (can or bottle). That's $10 bucks and I hadn't even had lunch yet.

Lunch would usually be around 9-11 dollars and would comprise of a mixture of items from the buffet (chicken, fries, some sort of pasta, pizza, corn and a couple pieces of vegetable- covered in dressing). Don't get me wrong, there were healthy options like the salad bar and wraps but I never really went there - the buffet was always more appealing! Running total $18 -$20 and the day was not over...

I would always have an afternoon snack which was usually a chocolate bar or a Jos Louis (moon pie), some sort of sweet cake or tart and it was always around 2:30/3:00 o'clock!! Never failed. That's about $2-$3 dollars. So you get my drift...I would spend between $20 to $25 dollars each day on food,THAT's $100 to $125 A WEEK!!! FOR ONE PERSON ...and that does not include supper and whatever may come was CRAZY!!!. There is light at this expensive tunnel, y'all!!

So now, I spend about $40-$60 dollars a week buying tons of fresh veggies and lean healthy meats and foods for me AND my family!! That's a $40 to $60 dollar saving on a weekly basis!!I'd say 90% of the time I bring my lunch and snacks to work. I've also cut out alcohol from my diet. I'm saving major mullah here. My vegetarian husband does not drink so I was the only one consuming all that "special juice" - usually Heineken or Wine or vodka, which I used to make my fruity calorie-loaded drink mixes! So overall, I am saving a ton of cash.

I've decided to take $20 bucks a week from these savings and treat myself. Some days I'll save it up to get something really good (purse, boots) or put it towards my New Wardrobe Fund - which I will need at the end of my goal!!

So that's it...just wanted to share that there's even more than health and fitness to gain when you adopt a healthy lifestyle - you can save money too!! :)

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!)

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