Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Weigh-in....

Well this is it. The end of my first week!! Already!! It went by quickly! Tomorrow morning, I will step on that scale and cross my fingers (and toes)!! My first weigh-in!! I really gave it my all this week and I did not stray at all. I'm so pleased with myself! My goal is to lose hopefully, at the VERY least, 2-3 pounds!! Secretly I'm hoping for more but I will be very happy with a 2 or 3 lb loss!!!

As I reflect on this past week, I made sure that I did 3 things which really helped to keep me on track:
  1. I stayed disciplined. I found that staying focused on the benefits of why I am doing this and my overall goals were great motivators.
  2. Plan, plan, plan!! I found that preparing my meals ahead of time (snacks and all) kept me on track this week. When it was time to eat, I didn't have to worry or need to figure out what to eat, it was right there waiting!
  3. Keeping a journal. This blog and my meal blog have been fantastic. Writing it down, really kept me accountable and it's also somewhat therepeutic!

I hope I'm able to continue like this. This week was very, very hard and really tested me physically and mentally, especially the workouts. There were times when my muscles (which are hiding under all that fat and they let me know it) were burning so much I just wanted to stop, BUT I didn't and I feel really good about that! It's awesome.

Now, it's time for the weigh-in. Whatever happens, I will feel good because I know I gave it my all this week each and every day....okay, screw that, I'd be a bit ticked off if I don't lose any weight after all that hard work and discipline last week, let me just be real here!! However, if somehow I don't lose any weight tomorrow, it won't be enough for me to stop, I will still continue on my journey and just consider it a small bump in the road! :)

So keep your fingers crossed and check in tomorrow for the results of my first weigh-in!! Thanks for reading!



Patricia London Smith said...

Regardless of the results tomorrow, you are doing an awesome job! Continue to focus on your goal(s) and on how good you feel... I'm glad you'll see something to make you smile on that scale tomorrow and I can't wait to hear about it! Smooches...

Mad Sugar said...

Nia, I hope it went well. I would love to train and run a 10k or marathon with you. Let me know when you are up to it. Your blog is an inspiration. My six week post partum is up this week and hoping I get a clean bill of health and can start exercising. I too have my own eating issues, but one thing you said that I will use is to focus on the benefits. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Lagana Fitness said...

Your three points are really good ones for people to follow. I hope everyone does.

The first week, is always a shock to your body. I've seen clients gain weight the first week. lol.. don't get discouraged if this happens as it's just your bodys' way of dealing with initial stress. Weight loss and Fat loss will come as your body adapts.

Looking forward to your status.