Thursday, December 18, 2008

8 POUNDS, It Wasn't a Dream!!!

I got up this morning to get ready for work and what do you think was the first thing I did??? Damn straight!! I got on that scale just to check if I had only dreamt of losing 8 pounds or if it actually happened!!! Well, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! I DID LOSE 8 POUNDS!! WOW!!

Anyway, it turns out my son is sick today, so I'm home taking care of him. He has a slight fever and has been battling a cough and cold. He's napping right now (poor little angel - I hate when he's sick), so I thought I would jump on and write something quickly. I have been on such a wonderful high since yesterday. I am just in a great place right now. It's amazing. I feel like I'm on the right path to regaining control - it's a great feeling.

So yesterday, my staff Christmas party, WOW!!!
First of all, I DID NOT CHEAT, STRAY or ANYTHING!! Not for a minute, not a chocolate, a nibble, a small taste, a shooter or anything!! I was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD, it could have been sickening!!! My colleagues (they're friends as well) on the other hand, well...hmmmm.... let's just say I would need to write a book...and I COULD because I was completely sober the entire night!!!! Oh, the things you see and hear when you're sober!! :)

Staff parties are generally fun and for me would usually include consuming huge amounts of yummy fried foods and dips, wings, fries, fruity cocktails, beer, shooters and more shooters!!!!!MMMM! How was I going to make it through this party? I didn't want to miss it, because I think it's improtant that I maintain some aspects of my social life throughout this journey. I don't want to miss out on everything just because I'm trying to make some healthy changes!! So I decided to be the Designated Driver (DD) for the night!! In all my years of partying, I don't think I've ever been the DD for anything!! It was nuts and at times made for a looooonnnng night! But honestly, looking back, I think it was the best decision I could have made. I didn't have to justify why I wasn't drinking, it was understood that I was the DD and I would be drinking solely water all night!! Also, my entire team is aware of my Journey and they encouraged and supported me (most of the night)...Overall, I had a great time, lots of fun, in fact I laughed until my jaw hurt!! They're a really fun group!!!

When it came to ordering food, I was able to order something healthy that fit into my plan, and I was pleasantly surprised at how accomadating the server was with my very specific requests ( to hold this and put that on the side, and sub this with that) for my meal. It was perfect!! I took a glance at the "starters" section of the menu, and thought about it for a minute, but then thought better of it and moved on. Plus our manager had pre-ordered a HUGE platter of starters which was shared amongst the looked and smelled soooooooo good, especially that cheesy, spinach dip...mmmm. I didn't have any!! I coudn't believe how strong I was! I think it had a lot to do with that awesome weigh-in in the morning!! There was no way that I was going to mess that up after all that hard work!!! NO WAY I was going to throw away my 8 pounds!! I kept that "achievement" at the fore front of my mind ALL NIGHT , and it really, truly helped!! One of my friends left me a message to "keep my eye on the goal" and that is exactly what I did!!

As the night went on, it became increasingly easier for me to enjoy the night as I was priveleged to free entertainment all night!! My team is hillarious!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so much last night and I learned SO MUCH!!It was great. I would love to provide details, but "what happens with my team, stays with my team!" ;) Yeah, that's how we roll!!

I was very happy with how last night turned out and quite pleased with how I handled the situation. I am really doing my best to embrace this new lifestyle and make it work for me!! I feel great! Anyway, I'm going to get some house work done before my son wakes up and take it easy before I do my workout!! :)

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Chiquita - you are such a special person don't ever loose that amazing spirit! I am so proud of your accomplishment AND you didn't cave to temptation last night. Keep on keeping on....


PS Thanks for keeping the team tales off the blog - there's just no need to subject anyone to that. But, you could've mentioned the flaming apple strudel?