Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still Moving Along...

Hi everyone,

Well the 2008 is quickly coming to an end and I personally can't wait for 2009!! I just feel that it will be a great year!! Out with the old and in with the new!! :)

So Christmas came and went and I am so proud of myself for not giving in to ALL those cravings I had...my goodness!! That was one of the hardest thngs I've ever done in my life. Resisting all those goodies (especially the walnut buttertart squares!)..wow!! BUT, I am on a mission and intend to see it through. So far, so good.

I will be celebrating New Year's differently this year...no champagne (just water in a pretty glass), no beer nuts/chips - just a few almonds!! I plan to stay in this year, I don't want to subject myself to anymore direct temptations for the time being (Christmas was enough). I'll still have a good time..watch a movie with my husband and son and just spend some family time. I've also given my husband my blessing (or as i like to call it, permission) to go out that night (if he wants) :)

My 3-week weigh in is tomorrow. I feel like the time is flying, just one more week and I will have completed my first month. That means I will take my first progress picture - can't wait to see if I'll be able to notice any results (I hope so). I do feel different, but I don't know how visible it is, if at all. We'll see (very soon).

Anyway, just wanted to stop by quickly as it's been a few days since I posted anything. Haven't been feeling great...soar throat and a bit of a fever, but I'm fighting it and not letting it stop me from doing my workouts (I think they may even be helping!!)

I will post my weigh in numbers tomorrow - will be interesting to see if my two glasses of red wine had an effect!! :D

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