Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone......and it will be.........

Hi all,

Well I woke up this morning and went outside for a brisk walk (cardio day). I already know that Christmas will be different because this is the first time in my 34 years of life that I've woken up on Christmas morning, thanked God for my blessings AND WENT OUTSIDE TO EXERCISE!!!!! I actually feel great, energized.

Today will undoubtedly be a challenge for me, but I'm ready for it (after all my last name before marriage was "Challenger")!! :)

I will pop in later tonight to let you all know how I did!! I may just need to get away from the temptations!! It might help to take period breaks away from all of it!

Anyway, wish me luck today.....and most of all, HAVE a wonderful Christmas!! Enjoy the treats for me!!!

Thanks everyone - all the best!


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