Friday, July 31, 2009

Had a Great Week

Hi all,

Just a quick post tonight...had a great week food wise, I ate very well (healthy). Tomorrow is weigh-in...looking forward to the results...keeping my fingers tightly crossed for some serious scale love tomorrow!

On another note, I had a tough day today...had to deal with some things that were causing me concern....anyhow, in the past, I would just go on letting it bug me, just internalize it and not really bother to ever deal with it... but more and more, I find myself dealing with things head on. I want to live as stress-free as possible. I am a very simple person...I really don't like having to deal with a lot of drama and nonsense.

I realize in life that we all have unpleasant situations that we have to deal with, however one of my major goals in life is to keep those situations as minimal as is too short, and most of those things/situations are really not worth the time and energy. Plus, I don't want anything to jeopardize my progress on this journey...I have the power to control that and slowly and surely, on a daily level, I AM learning more and more how to better deal with these things. I am a work in progress but in the meantime I will continue to Live, Love and Laugh (laugh lots!!!)
Anyway, until tomorrow....
Joania (2KMINE!!!)

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South Beach Steve said...

It's truly great to get the victories in other areas of healthy living, isn't it. We all focus on our weight/health, but the other things, like stress, are things that we need to do better with to.

Make it a great day!