Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the Road Again...

I knew going into this that this journey would be long and as I'm learning each day, it will be filled with ups and downs. How I deal with those ups and downs is one of the things that will impact whether or not I succeed on this journey. I just need to stay on the road and I WILL succeed on this journey. I am so appreciative of the amount of support that I have from my family, friends, trainer and blogging friends/family!! Thank you so much for the kind words and always rooting me on!!

Now, I'm coming off a 2 pound gain last week which put me back in the land of Twoterville. A place where I am unfortunately quite familiar. As I sit in this "land", I am comfortable and I'm nervous at the same time. I am nervous that the feeling of comfort comes so naturally. I can see how easy it would be to fall back into my old ways. I think the nerves are here because I know for a fact that this is no longer for me. My time has come!! I am also CERTAIN!! I am certain that I no longer want to live here and although I left this place before (during this journey and on a few other "unhealthy" occassions), this is the first time that I'm giving it this much thought. I now have a better understanding of why I've lived here for such a long time even knowing that I needed to move out and everyday, I'm finding out a little bit more.

It is very easy to live here in requires very little to no effort on my part, but it also means that I don't make myself a priority and that I take myself and my health for granted. Making that conscious move to Onderland will be difficult at first, but I will get use to it and will start reaping the benefits. I'm ready. I may be somewhat dramatic here, but I really feel like this is turning the page to start writing a new chapter of my story, always remembering (but not dwelling on) the events of my past. I've got to remember where I came from in order to get to where I'm going but I need to make the necessary adjustments to make it successful. In this case, I must always make the effort to remember how long I stayed in Twoterville, including how close I came to moving to a place where the name starts with "Three...."!! Most importantly I need to understand the reasons why I stayed there and FOCUS or should I say, RE-FOCUS on the reasons I have for getting out!!

So all this is part of working out those "mental muscles" as well as the physical ones!! I'm back on the road and the journey continues. I will give it my best and I know the results will follow.

Cheat meal over and back on track. I had a bowl of creamy fettuccini pasta with a nice piece of chocolate mousse cake for dessert and 2 glasses of white zinfandel. It was yummy. This morning, I had a 3-egg white and spinach omlette for breakfast, a grilled chicken breast with salad for lunch, a boiled egg for snack...lots and lots of water (about 3 litres so far) and I haven't yet decided on dinner...probably fish..salmon on the grill with grilled veggies!! I'm back on track and feeling great.

Anyway, that's all my ramblings for now.

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


South Beach Steve said...

Joania, as you know, I didn't rejoin you in twoterville this week, although I really thought it was probable. As a result, I was already thinking some of the same things you have written. Sometimes it takes going back to where you don't want to be to make you realize how happy you are where you are going. Does that make any sense?

Make it a great day and an even better week!

p.s. Don't you love these captcha words? The one for me on your blog today is skingnma. I wonder what the definition of that would be? Skin plus enigma = It's amazing how we are changing what's under our skin? :-)

Sean Anderson said...

Fantastic attitude. The rewards that await you are tremendous my friend, you know that. Never lose focus on your motivating thoughts...keep them close and always remind yourself of the wonderful things ahead with a positive consistent effort. You've come a very long way and it just gets better from here!!

My best always

Jacqadactle said...

That dinner sounds so good! I am hungry thinking about it lol. Try mixing the pasta with thinly slicked zucchini, I bet you won't even taste the difference. It'll cut a few hundred calories and add a veggie!

Sounds like you're getting plenty of protein! Ever try a protein shake? Helped me lose a bit of weight, just look for a whey Isolate (gold standard at the Vitamin Shoppe is a good quality one).

Spinach omelette sounds great, too! I'm hungry again! lol. Feta cheese in that would be yummy. Make sure you mix up the spinach with other veggies though, there are many oxalates in spinach. So, although it's packed with nutrients, you don't absorb many of them at all! Broccoli is one of the best around.

Just some food for thought :-)

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