Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Fun Day ...Lessons Learned

Hi guys!! I had a GREAT time on Parliament Hill yesterday celebrating Canada Day with my family!! It was wonderful.

So yesterday, I decided that I was going to eat whatever I wanted. It would be my "free" day where food was concerned. I don't believe in "cheat" days, I never want to feel guilty for eating something. I realize that all things must be consumed in moderation but it's also important (very important, actually) for me to be able to live and enjoy certain foods from time to time without any burdening guilt attached. And I did just that!

My family and I usually have a jumbo grilled italian sausage with a poutine (a combination of fries, gravy and cheese curds) on Canada's become tradition and this year would be no different. Here's what I had to eat:
  1. A medium poutine (I so wanted to get a large one but thought better of it). It was delicious (see picture below)
  2. A jumbo grilled italian sausage - I thought I would load it up with all sorts of toppings (saukrout, hot peppers, onions, pickles - but I ended up just adding ketchup). It was so yummy.
  3. I also washed it all down with a can of Coke and my goodness was that ever sweet!! I don't remember coke tasting so was "almost" disgusting...almost! LOL!!
  4. On our way home that evening, we stopped off and picked up Chinese food - chicken fried rice, chicken balls, garlic spare ribs...YUMMY!! I had a pretty decent-sized plate and OMG....yum-a-licious!!!
  5. We put the kids to bed and my girlfriend and I capped off the night with a few (3 or 4) cocktails - chopped pineapples, chopped strawberries, VODKA and tropical flavor five alive juice with ice....YUMMMMMMMY!!!

So it's fair to say that I had a great time yesterday and surprisingly, my stomach held up...for now....

So here's my annual "Canada Day Face-stuffing" shot. I put up last year's pic to compare. I can really notice the weight loss, especially in my face. Check it out...

Canada Day 2008

Canada Day 2009

Now that I've posted these pix side by side, I notice a huge change in my arms and face. Wow!! What a difference 57 pounds make!!

We do a lot of walking on Canada Day. My husband always thinks we're nuts for walking so much..he's always so tired after! :) We spend the whole time (about 5-6 hours) walking around from place to place, checking things out (vendors, shows etc) I think I got a good amount of cardio in for the day! :)

Back to my stomach holding up.....So how did I feel after eating all that greasy, yummy, fatty, sweet, wonderfully tasting food??? I FELT GREAT and SOOOOOOOOOOOO satisfied......until about....4 in the morning when I was awakened by serious stomach cramps....oh my goodness, I FELT HORRIBLE!!! Let's just say, I spent a whole lot of time on that "porcelain throne". It was not good!!! I made a number of "frequent visits" to that throne right through the morning. I started feeling better around 11am!! MY BODY LET ME DOWN, Y'ALL!! I felt awful!! I did go a bit overboard yesterday (lessons learned) but that's in the past and I'm back in the groove....back to business!! I have no guilty feelings about it!!

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Not sure why our brains can't retain that knowledge about how crappy food makes us feel... well... crappy.

The Veg Next Door said...

Digestive enzymes are great for times when we overindulge or when something is not sitting well in our tummies. They're expensive but worth having around.

Such wonderful progress.

Sean Anderson said...



South Beach Steve said...

It is very interesting how easily our bodies adapt to healthier eating and how rough it is to go back to unhealthy eating. I never cease to be amazed at this. It looks like you had fun. I can really tell a difference in your photos.

Slim said...

I don't see anything wrong with having an "eat anything" kind of day. Even Jillian Michaels says we need to indulge every now & again. It's about balance. I'm glad you had a good time with your family!

Meaklims said...

Can I just say how FABULOUS you look, AND I LOVE your hair!! :)

happy canada day!

Meaklims said...

PS - Meant to say I see such a change in your face, you have a beautiful face Joania! :)