Monday, July 27, 2009



Today, I had the most fascinating telephone conversation with a woman who just made this one of the best Monday's I've ever had!!! She works with a magazine, unfortunately, with all the excitement, I didn't even get her title, whether she's an editor, writer, owner!! I don't know!! She was really friendly and gave me really, really great news!!! Anyway, she works with OttawaLifeMagazine. This magazine features an annual list of its TOP 50 PEOPLE IN OTTAWA (my hometown, the nation's capital)!! In the past this list has included politicians (Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, Premiers etc.), business and media moguls, police chiefs, entertainers and educators to name a few. Max Keeping made the list one year (for those not from Ottawa or Canada...Max Keeping is a very well known and well loved and respected television news anchor)!! It's just a list of awesome people who make our capital city of Ottawa wonderful!!! :) Alanis Morisette (Ottawa born singer/songwriter who sold more than 40 million albums worldwide) was also featured in this magazine as one of Ottawa's TOP 50!!!!

Anyway, what does this have to do with me??

Well, yours truly will be featured in the next TOP 50 IN THE CAPITAL ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! LOL!!! :) :)

I was so stunned when she told first, I thought it was my girlfriend Janet punking me...but it wasn't!! This is for real. I provided my address and a package will be sent to me with details this week...I was even invited to a reception for the event this September!! I can't wait!! This is awesome can bet my next 10 pounds, I'll be working my butt off in that gym!!! Yeaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!:)))))

I'll keep you guys posted as I get more information!!!! In the meantime, feel free to check out their website for more details on the annual list. On the left sidebar (about 3/4 of the way down....under "OLM FEATURES", select "OLM Cover Gallery" and there you will see a few past covers of the TOP 50 PEOPLE IN THE CAPITAL issues..see if you recognize any of them)..

That's my huge news...more to come!

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Elizabeth said...

Well there it is - motivation to stay out of two-terville just when you needed the nudge. You deserve every bit of recognition that comes your way. You have inspired more people than you will probably ever know.

Take it easy.
See you in 6.

*Fitcetera* said...


Joania, that is so AWESOME & WONDERFUL!!!
I'm laughing out loud for you. (I'm not jumping up & down though cause I'll break the sofa)

Anonymous said...

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times...YOU ROCK!

theantijared said...

Ottawa's finest!!!

Great Job, Ms. Popular!

Lisa said...

That is soooooo awesome!!! CONGRATS!

She-Fit said...

WOW! I am beyond excited for you. What an awesome recognition. Congrats! Enjoy the celebration. Can't wait to hear more about it all :)

South Beach Steve said...

That is pretty awesome! Congratulations!

Kimmy said...

Wow! Incredible!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations...I love how just when you needed the boost; the universe came through!

I so look forward to reading all about it!

You Rock!

Slim said...

What an incredible honor!!! Congratulations!!!

Patricia London Smith said...

You sooooo deserve this acknowledgement! Very proud of you and how much further this journey is taking you than you even imagined. Keep up the amazing work! Big hugs... :D

Erin Huggins said...

Wow Joania! You made it! congratulations. Now your famous, It pays all the hardwork that you made. That's really great. Yu inspired me as well.



Anonymous said...

Too fantastic for words! Congratulations!

Natasha in TO

Laurie said...

That's so great! What an honor! :)

The Veg Next Door said...

For real? That is totally awesome! Unbelievable. Congrats!