Monday, November 2, 2009

New Month, New Program, New Energy

Happy November everyone!!! Approximately six weeks left until December 10th!! I think I'm going to put a countdown timer on the blog!!! 30 pounds left to shred and by the latest routine my trainer put together, he wants it to happen and SO DO I!!!!!

This new program is awesome!! Intense and just awesome!! It's brought a renewed sense of energy to me!! My thigh muscles are quite sore today...I've got quite a few squat variations, deadlifts and lunges in this routine - MY LEGS WILL BE SMALLER and STRONGER following this routine for sure. My thighs and booty have always been my problem areas! Even now, after having dropped a lot of weight, my thighs are still significantly bigger than the average woman, but they're strong!! As for my booty, well, I like to think that I am and always will be bootilicious - J.LO has nothing on me y'all!! Well, I'm certain I will be trimming these legs over the next few weeks with this crazy, intense routine that Rob put together and not to mention the kickboxing classes for cardio!! Yeah baby!!

My arms are also started to take shape, definition you know? - I can't wait to show them (in pix). Soon - I really want the pix to have impact!! :) I'm doing a series of tricep and bicep circuits and push-ups right now and wow does it ever burn!! But it's a good burn!! I am shaping my arms. All the "boxing" moves in the kickboxing classes are also helping!

I feel good y'all...looking forward to really pushing myself to the max each day for the next 6 weeks! I want to make each session count!!

On another note, I'm super swamped on the home and work front, so I apologize for my infrequent posts. I will really try to not let more than a couple days go by without an update!

That's it for now...
Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Kat said...

Here's to finishing the year strong! It sounds like you have a great new routine to work with.

South Beach Steve said...

Joania, your excitement is contagious! It sounds like you are really going after this last workout with some serious vigor!

LAF said...

Great job on your fitness training girl! Can't wait to see your pics although I already know that you are gorgeous!