Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Create A Morning Routine That Helps You Lose Fat!

A Post from my TRAINER, Rob Lagana

If you eat a decent breakfast and lunch, with perhaps a nutritious snack in between, you should be taking in enough calories to function properly throughout the day and feel alert until dinnertime. After dinner, many of us stop eating and do not eat anything at all until morning, while some of us snack once or continuously. However, throughout the evening and night, the body continues to function and burn calories, even when sleeping. After six to eight hours of sleep, we awake with a need to consume more calories to get through the day.

Morning is the time of day when the body is most depleted of calories. This is a great opportunity to burn fat from the body. Instead of the exercising at night to burn excess calories left over from your last meal, experts suggest a morning workout of the same intensity and length will burn three times as many calories as the afternoon or evening workout. This is simply due to the fact the body will expend the existing calories in the body then will dig down to use excess, stored fat to produce energy.

To get the most out of your morning workout, health experts recommend working out for at least thirty to sixty minutes for optimal fat burning results. Prior to working out, avoid consuming calories of any kind, as the body will use these before they begin to burn the body fat available for energy. Do not worry, however, as a good breakfast is part of a fat burning morning routine when consumed after the morning workout. Exercising in the morning kicks the body’s metabolism into high gear, burning many more calories throughout the day than if you wait to exercise until nighttime.

Of course, part of a fat burning ‘morning routine’ is...well... the routine. By consistently working out each morning, your workout for the day is complete, you’ll be better equipped to cope with the day’s stresses, and you’ll enjoy better impulse control over your food choices throughout the day. Choosing healthy breakfast foods, rather than skipping breakfast, and eating after your workout will significantly curb food cravings throughout the morning until lunch time. When that morning donut cart rolls through your office, you’ll be able to smile confidently and say “No thanks.”

Starting the day with a healthy workout and a nutritious breakfast is your best opportunity to commit to burning fat and getting into serious shape. Fitness expert Rob Lagana is available to help you, and will customize a nutritious, fat burning meal plan to help you reach your goals.

Thanks for this one Rob, very useful information! For more info and useful tips, visit Rob's website and sign up for his newsletter!

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Joania (2KMINE!!)


cmoursler said...

yep, not a morning person...they would find my mangled corpse under the treadmill, the only sound the incessant scraping of the rubber tread grinding against my back and the smell of burning flesh permeating the air....I once walked in the morning only to find once I had gotten home that I had put my workout clothes on inside out....I do, however, admire anybody who can work out in the mornings...and THAT GUY is YOUR TRAINER? I might manage to get up in the morning if he would hold my feet while I did

Joania said...

@cmoursler - LOL - you're so funny!! I never thought I was a morning person either but I got into it after a while and now I don't mind it! :)
Yes girl, that's my trainer!! He is pretty nice to look at and he's got a great spirit and heart - genuine guy, makes him even more good looking! Don't let that sweet face fool you...he kicks my ass with his workouts, mean!! :)

Kimmy said...

Great points!
Thanks Rob...

Hi Joania!

South Beach Steve said...

I'll tell you the truth, I don't think it would do anything at all for me if he held my feet while doing sit ups. :-)

I was never a morning person, but I have made myself into one. I like it.

Joania said...

@SBS - hahhaaa!! That's a good one!