Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 19 of My 30 Day Countdown - TGIF!!

I am tired y'all! Tough week!

Had an awesome day of exercise today. Weight training session was really tough especially when working my arms as my shoulders were so sore from the day before (Jiu-jitsu class). However, I pushed through. My arms are still a bit sore right now. Sensei Derek taught my kickboxing class this evening and wow - excellent workout. We did quite a few "Derek Pushups" (slow and painful, each pushup lasts for a 10 count). I work so hard in that class and although I am cursing Sensei Derek's name for most of the class, it's so much fun and I get such an amazing sweat/workout!! Love it!

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that I earned my second stripe on my white belt at the end of yesterday's jiu-jitsu class. I am just so proud and still can't believe that I am doing this. It's just amazing. My break falls are also getting much better! Practice, practice, practice. I'm really enjoying it now. :)


B- bowl of oatmeal, 2 egg whites, boiled,
Sn - protein drink
L - steamed broccoli and grilled chicken brochette, 1 litre water
Sn - handful of almonds, 1/2 litre water
D - small grilled steak, steamed asparagus, 1 litre water
Sn - small green salad with 1/2 can tuna, 1/2 litre water

Drank approx 2 additional litres during workouts

So tomorrow is another weigh in...hoping for at least a 2-3 pound loss this week. Will post tomorrow! That's it for now


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Congratulations on your amazing weight loss and transformation. You should be so proud of yourself. I'm so glad that you commented so I could come over and see what you are up to!

Keep up the good work on the kickboxing and on the really healthy food choices. Take care,

South Beach Steve said...

Joania, no one better mess with you! With the increase in your fitness levels, and the martial arts training, I bet you are one tough gal!

cmoursler said...

I love your clean eating...May emulate it after hitting one ninety...I am in the mood to start getting serious. Great job joania.
Kick some tail.

Kat said...

You are doing great. I bet you are going to see strong results tomorrow. You continue to be an inspiration Joania. Thank you!

LAF said...

If you ever wanted a new career - you could be a body guard! You know all the moves now.