Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hi guys,

Today's post will be all about gratitude...

When I started on this journey almost 3 months ago, I had a few different sources of inspiration and reasons for embarking on this journey. Number 1, was my 2 year old son - getting healthy to be around for him and be able to play with him was top of my list. My husband and family - just to be around to enjoy life with them! My health - just to do it for me...I did not want to be young and unhealthy or unhealthy, period!!! A few of my friends had lost loads of weight before and they also inspired me beyond belief (Julie and Jude), and lastly, Rosy, a woman who embarked on a body transformation project and successfully achieved her goals; she blogged about it, although she was not the first to lose weight and/or do it publically, she and her blog were inspirational nonetheless. I've always loved keeping journals and diaries and decided I too would journalize my journey, only this time electronically!

I wanted to write today about all the fabulously wonderful and supportive individuals on weight loss journeys, transformation projects or simply attempting to get healthy!! These are individuals who regularly check in with me, comment on my blog; whose own blogs bring me such wonderful inspiration and motivation, support, tips and tricks, and sometimes just simple entertainment.

I've come to find out that there is a very large community of individuals who are "blogging to lose" (myself included)! This has been going on for years and years!! I've been lucky to make contact with quite a few individuals who've gone through the process (successfully and some trying for the second or third time); those who are currently going through the process (like myself) and those maintaining after being extremely successful in the process. Their blogs are so inspiring and entertaining! It's wonderful.

There are also several websites dedicated to blogging for weightloss and/or overall health, even blogger conferences!! It's all been amazing and rather enlightening to me. Anyway, I think it's high time I showed some love to these individuals as they have helped me so much along the way and some may not even realize just how much. Some people feel that they are alone in their journeys and projects but I'm here to say that you're not!! Also, I've been receiving so many comments from individuals complimenting me on my blog and wanting to know how to start one of their own. I figured it was a good time to write this and show them that there is support out there, if they want it!!

Well, I am certainly not the first to create a blog of this nature nor embark on this sort of journey; and from all the blogging friends I've met over the past few months, these types of blogs have been in existence for years and years! I'm not sure that we could even pinpoint the first person who started - if anyone out there knows who was the first body-transfoming-weightloss-journey-blogger, please share!!!!!

There are so many wonderful transformations and weight loss success stories, journeys and projects going on! It's great!! These blogs/bloggers act as wonderful support/inspirational system for me and many others worldwide. They comment on my posts, give me advice - especially when it's something that they themselves have already gone through or dealt with or currently going through. It's amazing. Sometimes it's as simple as just finding strength from one of their posts.

One of my favourite blogs is by FatBridesmaid. She is amazingly honest and candid, whitty and just always seems to have the right things to say. Every Tuesday, she hosts an open, "let's all watch the TV show Biggest Loser together" live blog/chat event. It's just fabulous and I enjoy it so much. Thanks FB.

Another blog which I try to read everyday, as it is such a wonderful source of honesty, inspiration, motivation and pure entertainment is the anti-jared. He is fabulous. This man lost over 200 pounds in a year and has the pictures to prove it, y'all!! He has a very keen sense of humour and I just love the way he writes. He is my daily dose of inspiration and sometimes humour!! His only flaw - he loves cauliflower...yuck!!! Thanks Tony!!

Speaking of sense of humour and whit, Karen from Fitcetera. First off, I just love her - I love that she is "crazy ass happy and hopes that everyone else is too!" She is very honest with her journey and owns up to it!! I look forward to her blog as she exudes strength and inspiration. Keep it going girl!! :)

There's a woman who lives in Japan and I just adore her blog, ADivaOnADiet. I love her outlook on life (especially spiritual) and the manner in which she chronicles her weightloss struggle as a whole. I love her candid approach as well - her blog is quite inspirational to me. Keep on keeping on, girl!

Another one of my fav's is TheVegNextDoor. Her blog is full of wonderful and delicious recipes. I go there frequently for food ideas and suggestions. She's kind enough to put up pics and ingredients on her site - great stuff and delicious. She's helped to make my cooking life a bit easier!! Her "Neat Balls"...YUMMY!!!! Thanks!

Speaking of yummy foods, on this blog, TheIncredibleShrinkingFamily has loads of healthy alternative recipes and mouth watering food pics and just an overall great blog for inspiration showing you how to get it done with your family!!

As you can see, I could go on and on. There are so many from which I draw inspiration that I will from time to time mention more of my fav's, there are sooo NIA (but for whatever reason I can't link to her blog) she regular checks in with me and sends me encouraging notes, and I always look forward to her comments and suggestions -thanks Nia!

I really would like to mention all of you and hopefully I will get the opportunity in future posts. When I make it to that finish line, I hope you will all of be there with me so that we can all celebrate like it's nobody's business!! You guys are awesome.Although I am thankful for all these blogs and blogger support/friends, I can't say enough about all the support I receive from ALL of you (including my non-blogging friends)...SO THANK YOU!!! Anyway, just thankful to all the people who started these "blogs to lose", "journeys", "transformation projects", etc.etc..

I also want to thank my trainer Rob, who has just been amazingly helpful and more importantly available to me. Thanks for your suggestions, knowledge and ALWAYS cheering me on!

So for any of you out there looking to embark on your own weight loss or body transformation journeys, and/or want to start and maintain a blog while you progress - take comfort in the fact that even though you're not the first, you're not alone. There is lots of support out there.

Until next time....

Joania (2KMINE!!!)


The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

The weight loss journey seems to be one that almost everyone makes for a time in their lives for whatever reason, and we all start out thinking it is a simple matter of doing A to get to B ,and then we discover that it is just not that simple, and that we never factored in the reality of also needing to account for C,D,E and so on and so on. So we look for support, and it is in this way we keep improving the wheel. Weight loss blogging gives us all just a little more insight into exactly how to go about it, that we are far from alone in this journey, and in the meantime some very enlightening things can be discovered. Besides, I think it's fun knowing what other people are eating and doing. Sort of makes the internet like a giant calorie free progressive dinner and mutual sweating society.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY a little late !

The Veg Next Door said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!

Thank you for your kind words. It's nice to read that I'm helping out and there are others who read my blog (not just Hubby).

Regarding the recipes, if I don't include the recipe along with a picture then it's because I followed a recipe out of a cookbook or magazine and it's copyright. However, I do provide links if one is available.

Way to go on your weight loss.

MeltingLisa said...

It is truly a unique community, very supportive and oh so helpful!