Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Think I'm in Shock!!!

I just can't believe it. A few people told me this would happen one day, but I usually laughed it off and NEVER believed it possible!!! Not to me!!

I had a very long and busy day today with work, meetings and even a lunch time kickboxing class!! By the time I left work today, it was quarter to six and I had not eaten since about noon!! I was starving!! I had to run some errands this evening as I will be on a 7:00am flight in the morning - yet another business trip!! Anyway, my son was with me and he asked for McDonalds!! Oh no! Not McDonalds. I gave him some reason why he could not have it and that kept him quiet for a bit so we continued on...of course, two minutes later, he was asking again. I literally thought about it for two seconds and said, "SURE!!!" and we were off!!

We walked into the McDonalds, waited our turn in line and I proceeded to order. I was so excited and of course immediately rationalized this move in my mind. I haven't had a "planned"(cheat) meal in weeks. I can do this and not feel guilty!! Well, little did I know, guilt would be the least of my problems. Anyway, I ordered a chicken nugget happy meal for my son (chicken nuggets, apples and milk) and for Mommy..It was combo # 1 - A Big Mac, Medium Fries with an ice tea!!!

My first bite into that BigMac was just heaven!! It was so delicious...yummy!!! The second bite - even better...the third bite - more yummy "mac-i-ness"!! THE FOURTH bite (which is about 3/4's of the burger was..................uh......................WTF???? It just wouldn't go down!! I tried swallowing but just couldn't because I felt it coming back up!! It was disgusting!! What is going on with me??? I litterally paused for a minute in disbelief!! what the crap is wrong with me, I thought. I grabbed my napkins and spit out the burger!! I went to the counter and bought a bottle of water!! I think this was the first time in my 35 year life that I purchased water from McDonalds!! I sat down and drank it in TOTAL disbelief as I stared at the almost-eaten Big Mac!! My son was eating my fries!! I was in shock!!
As far as I could remember, I have never, ever "NOT" been able to eat a Big Mac!! This has to be some sort of fluke!! I ate extremely healthy today and have been all this week...I don't know what it is!! I know this should be a good thing but I truly am in disbelief!! Wednesday Sept 16, 2009 - the day Joania could not eat a Big Mac!!!! Incredible!! For those of you who know me personally, THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!! I'm the one who use to walk around saying that I'd marry Ronald McDonald in a minute just for his food!! LOL!! Now look at me!! Ronald McDonald would be so sad and so ashamed of me!!

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


266 said...

Wow! The tastebuds really do change when fed enough whole foods, eh?

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, in peace.

South Beach Steve said...

Ronald might be ashamed of you, but keep in mind that he is a clown and nothing he thinks or says can or should be taken seriously!

I am proud of you with your newfound ability to not finish a BigMac. That is really big.

The Road Curves Ahead said...

Ronald McDonald may actually be the Devil.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

The taste buds are adjusting to the "new you". Unvelievable but true! Say b-bye to McDs...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Wonderful! Fantastic! I wish I could suddenly start hating Pizza Hut. The only thing I really like at McDonald's are their fries. I feel so hungry after eat McD's...even after 20 nuggets!

CrowNology said...

ha ha ha.
Good for you!
Poor Ronald. But really do you want to have to wipe his lipstick off your mouth after kissing? Nah.