Tuesday, September 8, 2009

31 Ways To Motivate Yourselves to Exercise!!

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I'm BAAAAAAAAAACCCCK!! Gosh, did I ever miss blogging (reading and posting)! So much to write about. However, this first post is from my trainer..... it's full of great tips and will definitely be helpful. Enjoy!! I will post again shortly!!

31 Ways to Motivate yourselves to Exercise by Rob Lagana(http://laganafitness.com)

The hardest part for most people is to stay motivated with diet and exercise. Here are 31 ways I suggest that you keep your motivation.

1. Find a training partner and commit to a schedule.

2. Buy a dog and take it for a long walk everyday. The fresh air and sunshine can give you more energy. You also have a chance to clear negative thoughts and focus on your goals.

3. Don't think about exercising or diet, just do it.

4. Get out of bed early, have a glass of water and use a cardio machine in your home.

5. Buy a cardio machine for your home, if you don't have one, then see 4.

6. Eat to live life with the right amount of energy and transform your body. Don't live to eat, especially when you eat junk. Garbage in = Garbage out.

7. Never miss 2 workouts in a row.

8. Give away 1 or 2 articles of your fat clothing each week.

9. Buy 1 or 2 articles of clothing which are tight fighting and show off your body each week, If you still look fat in them, keep them around and focus on diet and exercise to start looking better in them.

10. Once 9 is fine, then start socializing more. At night on the town, does wonders to keep your motivation high. You'll realize fast where you stand and where you need to go with your image.

11. Choose friends that will take you higher and higher. Friends that have similar interests. Just because you've been friends with someone for 20 years and they don't share your view or don't want you to succeed for some reason, doesn't mean you have to hang around them all the time and influence you to make poor decisions. Find new friends.

12. Reward yourself. Reward yourself. Reward Yourself. Every time you noticeably start looking better and feeling better, give yourself positive verbal pep talk, then go shopping for something nice !

13. Get a tan. You'll notice so much more changes in your physique as the tan will accentuate your cuts.

14. Walk into an old age home and take a look around. You'll find that some are in their 60s. Prevention is key. When I'm 60, I'll be in my own Rambo movie, doing my own stunts.

15. Whoever says "Working out is not everything in life." is right. It's not everything, but that 1 hour that you dedicate makes you move ahead 100 times more than the person that complains about it. They complain because you look better than they do. Keep a balance, but never neglect your right to a better life.

16. Make it your goal to get a professional photo shoot done.

17. Write down your intentions for the month which lead to your goals. The more details the better.

18. Plan to go on vacation, so you have a reason other than health and fitness to motivate yourself to exercise.

19. Plan to go to a concert and meet the band !

20. Watch an inspiring movie, like "The Secret" or "Never Back Down" or "No Retreat, No Surrender"

21. Make an example of what you will accomplish, so that others can follow and be inspired by you.

22. Blog your complete body transformation experience.

23. Take body part circumference measurements every 2 weeks. Keep as a measurement of your transformation.

24. Take a front, back and side photo of yourself every 2 weeks. Keep as a measurement of your transformation.

25. Make a Pros and Cons list about exercise and eating healthy. Make Pros and Cons list about not exercising and not eating healthy. Why would you not want to feel and look better on a consistent basis?

26. Write down 1 thing each day that is going to move your life forward. Would you not want to increase your longevity and enjoy a better life ? What you write down is completely realistic.

27. Create in your mind what you want. Believe you deserve what you create. Accept the things that will help you move forward toward your creation.

28. Avoid distractions. A distraction could be a person or event, that pulls you temporarily away from your goals or creations. The best way to avoid them is to ignore or move away from them.

29. Meditate which clears and refreshes your mind and allows you to continue to focus on your goals.

30. Plan to get naked more often. Seeing yourself naked can surely motivate yourself to get in shape faster and stay in shape. Don't be afraid of your skin !

31. Don't think of the problem for too long. Thinking of the problem wastes time. You should be thinking of the solution and benefits that it will bring into your life. Make a decision to act on your solution.

Thanks Rob!! These are great!!

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Thanks for posting that, we all need motivation tips now and then.

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Lots of great tips here - thanks for sharing!