Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Killer Kickboxing

Hey guys,

Just wanted to come on and let you know that I had an amazing Kickboxing session yesterday!! Wow!! I was drenched and my arms are still a bit sore today!! I am really liking the class...it really is a good workout.

I had a JuJitsu class today but unfortunately was not able to make it...stuck in a meeting at work. By the time my meeting was over, I had already missed 1/2 hour of the class, so I did not go. I will make up for it tomorrow.

On another note, I really wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful comments on yesterday's post - it's certainly given me a lot to think about!!

The past two days were very good days food wise!! Today I ate:

Breakfast - 2 eggs & a turkey sausage, 2 cups of water
Snack - 1/2 cup of cantaloupes, 2cups of water
Lunch - steamed broccoli and lemon salmon grill, 3 cups of water
Snack - handful raw almonds, 2 cups of water
Dinner - sweet potatoes, broccoli, roasted chicken, 3 cups of water
Snack - granny smith apple, 2 cups of water

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


The Road Curves Ahead said...

Don't you just love those killer classes? You can feel the pounds coming off.

lyricgirl said...

I love kickboxiing! I take 10 classes a month. Keep it up because you will burn a lot of body fat. Good luck!

South Beach Steve said...

It sounds like you had a great day!