Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Weigh-In ~ Week 41 (Confessions)

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Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 192 lbs (Sep 19/09)
Current Weight: 195 lbs
This Week's Loss: 3 POUND GAIN...

Hi guys,

Well unfortunately I have a gain to report this week... a 3 POUND gain!!! I can't be upset or even disappointed because I totally caused this gain. I wasn't at all careful with my eating and I missed a 3 days of exercise. I didn't fall off the wagon, I literally pulled it over, parked it and jumped off!!

As you know, I've been away on business this past couple of weeks. I also wrapped up phase one of my project at one of my pilot locations which in itself was a cause for celebration. I celebrated freely by eating cake (2 pieces) and rice krispies squares....yum-oh!!! I even had 1/2 a glass of Coca-cola (way too sweet btw - didn't really enjoy it) but the cake and squares were to die for!! I knew the scale would have no love to give this week. I also had "not so healthy" dinners, like spring rolls (fried), dried ribs, chicken wings and sweet potato fries. In addition to the bad foods, I accompanied my meals with a beverage or two or three (Heineken beer, wine and bellinis!!) I think the only thing I did right this week was my water consumption!! :)

So there, my confessions!! Forgive me Rob (my trainer) for I have sinned!! BUT THE FUN is over. This morning, I woke up and got right back on my wagon and going full force. I've just returned from my 5K walk with my son (stroller and all). I plan to do a weight training session later this evening as well. I had a 3-egg white omlette with spinach and broccoli for breakfast. So far I've had about 2 litres of water for the day. So it's all good.

Today is a new day and the past is in the past. So that's the update for today. I'm going to do some reading, catching up on my blog buddies and to get some inspiration!! Have a good day y'all.

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Natasha said...

Gains will happen from time to time. I'm glad to see that it's not getting you down and that you have a sense of humour about it. Congrats. :)

The Road Curves Ahead said...

We are all only human after all... so congrats on getting back on the wagon, that really is all that's important.

CrowNology said...

A boss of mine once said...
"If you mess up, fess up, then dress up." Looks to me like you are fixing it all up again.
Bravo on your healthy day today, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I could hear Usher singing as I read your post "these are my confessions." Glad you have accepted and moved on. Keep it up!!!

South Beach Steve said...

Joania, we all have weeks like this every once in a while. I like to think of them as the weeks that remind me what I can and cannot do to succeed. Good luck getting the wagon back going again. It seems like you jumpstarted it today!

Anonymous said...

I've leaped from the wagon a lot lately. But the good thing is, the wagon is always there. We just have to climb back on!