Saturday, September 12, 2009

The 7 Essential Habits Of A Successful Fitness Routine

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This is very helpful information written by my trainer Rob. I thought I would share with my blog friends. Hope it helps.

To get the most out of fitness routine, you need to develop habits that will focus your efforts in the gym and move you forward toward your goals. These are my 7 essential habits that I have developed and use on a daily basis which bring me success in the gym.

1. Have your body parts, exercises, sets and reps planned out in your head before you start your workout.

2. Perform the movement warm-up, usually a couple of sets, before you start your actual workout. Perform static stretching (hold each stretch for 30 sec.) after your workout for 5-10 minutes on the body parts you have trained.

3. Tune out all distractions when starting your first exercise. You've already had your warm-up and stretches to get ready to tune them out, so you got no excuses. Leave your cell phone in the locker. Listen to your iPod if you can't tune out other people talking or the crappy music playing in the gym.

4. While performing each repetition, feel the goal of what each body part is trying to achieve, meaning feel the movement and your kinetic chain working together. Do this for every exercise. If you don't know what to look for, study the mechanics of the exercise or hire a personal trainer. Add the technique of visualization before starting your set. Visualize the intensity before you start, then DO IT.

5. Pay attention to your core, while performing your exercises. Your core is made up of 29 muscles that attach to the lumbo‐pelvic‐hip complex. This is increase your neuromuscular efficiency and provide stabilization during the movements.

6. Keep your resistance training to an hour or less. Your whole workout including warm-up, core, balance, SAQ etc.. obviously makes your workout much longer, but keeping your resistance part to less than 1 hour is crucial to making gains, including hypertrophy and strength.

7. Use full range of motion on each exercise, unless your performing 21s or intending to performing partial reps. Full range of motion is critical to developing the entire muscle belly and can have an effect similar to the benefits of PNF. You also develop balanced muscles and strength through the movement, which make you look better, stronger and help prevent injuries.

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266 said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog today! The blogosphere has provided more support and encourgement on this new journey than I ever could have hoped for. You are a wonder with your 65 pound loss! Amazing and you've obviously worked really hard to get to where you are... I'll be coming back to pick up tips!

South Beach Steve said...

Thanks for sharing the tips. While I don't go to a gym, there are still several good things to glean from this.

Retta said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing! I'm going to link this post from my blog tomorrow.

jo said...

Ditto what SB Steve said! Thanks!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

These are great tips to keep in mind while working out!! THanks for sharing :)