Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dangerously Wonderful

Hey bloggies...

I had a slice of home-made chocolate strawberry cheesecake today and it truly scared the living daylights out of me. It was sooooooooooooo good, that it was dangerously wonderful!!! Wonderful because the flavors just erupted on my tongue - it was amazing, and the texture was OH MY GOSH!!. In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I had a choco-mint hard candy and could not stand the sweetness...well let me tell you I HAD NO PROBLEMS with this piece of sweetness today. I guess the fact that this cheesecake was home made had something to do with the wonderful taste versus the processed candy!!

I said it was DANGEROUSLY wonderful because of just how good it tasted. I immediately wanted another piece and that serioiusly scared me!! Why was I not satisfied with the one piece...I wasn't hungry or anything, at that point it was all about the taste in my mouth!! I had to have a little mental pep talk with myself so that I wouldn't have another piece and thankfully I didn't. It's almost like I had a glimpse of "Joania before" who would have had 2 slices and possibly 3, depending on the size!! I'm glad I was able to refuse but it got me thinking...I have to stay on top of this game plan, this LIFE PLAN!! I allowed myself a piece and that should be it!

This week will be full of all sorts of yummy temptations with all the goodies and treats around to help "celebrate" the season and all the parties, luncheons and get-togethers! :) I in no way want to deprive myself of anything but at the same time, I DO NOT WANT TO (nor will I) GO OVERBOARD!! I've worked too hard for this! So the plan for this week is making smart, healthy choices and moderation!! Especially when it comes to those "dangerously wonderful" treats! :) I will make sure that I always have healthy snacks (like almonds) that I can nibble on to prevent me from nibbling on Hershey's Kisses, or Turtles, or Pot of Gold chocolates or all those wonderful French-Canadian traditional Christmas treats - like my favorite, home-made "sucre a la creme", which when translated means "creamed sugar (fudge)" YUMMMMMMMM-O!!! :D

Okay so other than the cheesecake, today was great food wise. Oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast, protein drink for morning snack, garden salad with tuna for lunch, baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and sauteed shrimp for supper. I drank 3 litres of water today. I may have a snack later (apple or a cup of tea or something!!)

Today was Jiu-jitsu...amazing class. I learned how to do a take down after blocking a punch to the face followed by the figure 4 leg lock today! It was awesome!! Great workout!

Tomorrow should be an awesome day. There will be the Christmas Party at the martial arts studio I attend (Therien Martial Arts). The owner, Sensei Derek, is hosting this party for all the members. I think it's a really nice gesture and I'm really looking forward to it...I will fill you in and maybe even take pictures so you all can get a glimpse of my Sensei Derek!!!

That's it for today...can't believe Christmas is only 3 days away!! INSANE!! I still have some shopping to do! :)

Unil next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Lisa said...

Great job talking yourself out of that second piece!

- Lisa

Kyle Gershman said...

Nice post...I have the same problem when having what I call a foodgasm. Who wouldn't want another bite? If it can feel that good, why not more?

So far, in the early stages (5 weeks in) on my most recent journey to fitness, I've been a friggin' food preist...no unclean thoughts...no indulgences.

It is great for others, but I don't have the strength to keep the faith just yet. Perhaps I started this just before thanksgiving to truly test my resolve.

Also...I totally want to start up some martial arts stuff too...it has been a dream since I was a kid.

Merry Christmas!

cmoursler said...

sounds tasty....I love cheesecake, but of course don't eat alot of it. Your jui jitsu is fun to learn about. Merry christmas joania from canada lol.

South Beach Steve said...

Your thoughts are the very same thoughts I have. That is part of the reason I have chosen to totally eliminate certain foods. It isn't because I don't think I should have them, it is because I cannot have them and remain in control of what I eat. It is good to see you have more control than me.