Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Parties...PART TWO!!! :)

So yesterday (Thursday), I had an awesome day of eating and exercise...I had two boiled eggs and 1/2 a grapefruit for breakfast...yum! I consumed approximately 3 litres of water for the day. I had a nice grilled chicken breast wrap (chicken breast, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, green & red sauce/mayo) on whole wheat tortilla for lunch. It was delicious. It was so big that I only had half for lunch and saved the other half for dinner. I went to my Jiu-jitsu class at lunch time ..which was awesome..learned lots of self-defense moves, including quite a few variations of "take-downs"!! IT 'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

So here comes the "Christmas Parties" part....

It really is the festive time of the year. Everywhere I turn, it's some sort of luncheon, party, celebration, dinner, drinks, etc. I have refused a few parties but this year I certainly plan to enjoy a few of them - especially after missing out last year. My plan is to keep up with my workouts EVERYDAY and eat healthy foods as much as I can, but have fun and enjoy myself as well! So far, sooooooooooooooo good!! :)

I was invited to my former team's Christmas Party (remember I only changed teams in late September - so I'd spent a good portion of this past year with these colleagues/friends). I didn't want to intrude on their "teambuilding" activities even though I know they would not have minded in the least. Plus I had just celebrated with my current team the day before and it was great fun.

Anyway, I did agree to come out for a drink with them later on in the evening. I made certain to
eat the other half of my wrap (from lunch) to ensure that I wouldn't feel the need to order any unhealthy foods at the restaurant. I also had a great deal of water as well. I walked in to a wonderful welcome from my old team and I too was very happy to see them. It was nice. I had a drink (Heineken) and it was on from that moment on!!! Well the drinks just kept coming (heinekens and shooters!!) I was feeling really good and more importantly having an amazing time, laughing and socializing with friends.

Although, I didn't EAT any unhealthy foods, I did consume quite a bit of alcohol - EMPTY, EMPTY CALORIES!!!! I got home pretty late that evening or should I say, pretty early in the morning, however, I woke up this morning, feeling like crap but still dragged my butt to the basement for my weight-training session!! You PLAY, you PAY!! I felt really yucky throughout but pushed through. I had to sweat out the toxins!! LOL!!!

For breakfast, I had some scrambled eggs (3 egg whites, 1 whole egg) and drank lots and lots of water! :) I went off to work and felt very tired throughout the day (I was only going on about 3 hours of sleep). Well today, I would normally attend my 4:30pm 1-hour long kickboxing (KB) class. The way I was feeling today, I knew that wouldn't happen...BUT GUESS WHAT????????????????? I WENT TO THE CLASS, thanks in part to two of my colleagues (K & D) who went to the class as well!! After that KB session, I WAS DONE!! I did not even want to get off the mat!!!!LOL

I feel great that I was able to enjoy the parties yet still made the effort to work out (even though I really did not want to - especially TODAY!!!) I also made certain to get right back on track with my eating!! NO GUILT here, just making sure to continue with the journey!! I'm feeling amazingly fabulous! :)

So here I am, my son and I just finished dinner and I'm just writing this quick post so that we can BOTH go to bed!!! Tomorrow, Christmas Shopping - that should be a work out in itself!!

That's it for now...going to bed...sweet dreams!

Until next time
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


Staci Dombroski said...

You are awesome! Way to get out there and excercise even when you did not want to do it! How motivating :-)

cmoursler said...

well, hope you don't have too much of a hang over.
Have a great night joania.

Stefania said...

That is commitment. Way to go.