Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Blog Love - Support and Gratitude

Hi everyone

I've mentioned this topic before, but I feel it necessary to discuss it again. Blogging about this journey has been such a motivating factor to me, specifically in terms of me staying on track and reaching my goals. The amount of inspiration and support that I receive from the blogging community is nothing short of amazing. I truly appreciate the support and I honestly believe it to be one of the main reasons for my success thus far.

There are days when I feel like I just can't do this anymore; this journey does take daily and continuous effort. It's a constant mental struggle. I wake up having to remind myself everyday of the importance of and reasons for my journey. Some days (like yesterday, for example) I felt like doing absolutely nothing, especially having to do with exercising, and that's what I did ...NOTHING - no work out at all!!!! Not only did I feel it, as I was low in energy and somewhat lathargic for most of the day, but I felt it necessary to blog about it. There's something about writing your thoughts and feelings down on a regular basis that helps you regain focus and stay on track.

So this morning I woke up, ready to get started on my workout and decided to check my blog first. I do that sometimes and then think of things to write about while working out. Anyway, today I received a comment from someone (Anonymous) who bestowed and amazing compliment, telling me that "I was the epitome of hard work!" WOW!! Thank you so very much...that just made my morning and gave me an instant boost of energy!!! AND that was not all....this individual also advised me that another blogger had written an entire post about me and my journey. CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!!

I went to the site ( and checked it out!! WOW!! It was an amazing post!! I am so flattered. Thank you so much, Raju!! I really appreciate that. I felt awesome after reading it and went right down to my basement and totally killed that workout...I think I smiled right through most of it. This type of support is incredible to me and definitely keeps me accountable.

This is what I mean about the support that you receive from the blogging community...the encouragement and warm comments!! It's just wonderful!!

So I'm back on track and feeling EXTRA great today!!

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!!)


Lori said...

Great job!

Joania said...

Thanks Lori!!!You are a rockstar!!!

Anonymous said...

No matter how hard it is just keep at it. You will be at goal before you know it!!!


A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

You are so right, the community around weight loss blogging is so supportive! I know exactly how you feel, some days its just "Ugh, how long do I have to do this for?" but the blog really does help. Reading other peoples blogs, reading comments on my own blog, so aboslutely motivational :)