Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reward # 2 - mmmmmm....Massage!!!!!!!!!!

REWARD # 2 - 38 Pounds Gone ~ An Hour Long Massage!

Okay, so this is reward number 2 and I have not yet posted reward # 1 (still searching for that handbag/purse). It's got to be the right one!! Anyway, here's what happened with Reward #2!!!

I am now referring to Alice Tracey (my new massage therapist) as "Angel" Tracey!! I had a full body massage on Saturday morning which lasted for a little more than an hour and OH MY GOODNESS!! It was amazing. I felt fantastic!!

This was my reward for losing 38 pounds (I actually lost 39!!!) and boy was it worth much so that I've decided from this moment on, I will "reward" myself with a massage on a monthly basis. EVERY MONTH, I will get a massage...yes..I'm worth it!!!

Her hands are magic!! I literally felt like mush when I walked or should I say "floated" out of there. My muscles were so relaxed and just was awesome. I slept like a baby last night. She's really great at what she does, very professional and just overall a very fasinating and interesting individual. Great conversation. I really enjoyed it. This was a great idea for a reward!!

Alice works out of the west end of Ottawa (centrepointe dr). Her prices are very reasonable and she's an amazing masseuse/massage therapist. Check her out, if you're looking for a great massage. You could even book/reserve on-line.

Here's her website.

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)

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