Monday, October 26, 2009

Weigh-in Sunday ~ Week 45

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Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 188 lbs (Oct 17/09)
Current Weight: 189 lbs (Oct 24/09)
This Week: 1 pound GAIN!!!

Total Loss: 69 pounds!!

Sorry for the late post today, really I've just started feeling better today. I'm back!

Okay, here we go again. A 1 pound gain. Not bad. I've been sick and haven't been eating as well as I should, however, I did manage to get my workouts in - even if it was at a 60% effort instead of 101%!!! :) Don't get me wrong, I did not eat poorly, it's just that there were days when I had only one meal and did not get enough of my water in or I had toast with no protein, not enough veggies - I couldn't really keep much down. The way I was feeling, that last thing I wanted to do was eat!! You would think I would have dropped weight, eh? But I guess my body is used to the 6 small meals, minimum 3 litres of water and enough rest - none of which I got over the last week. To me this week's weigh-in doesn't count (even though it kind of does), I AM NOT COUNTING IT - MY RULES!!!

Moving Forward...

So I woke up this morning after feeling crappy and tired for most of the week with a good deal of energy. I put it to use right away. Got my weight training done (80% effort) I felt great. I had an awesome breakfast (4- egg white omlette with spinach) and started my day (morning snack was an apple, afternoon snack - sliced cucumbers, 3 oz tuna). I had a very busy day at work and even worked offsite for half the day, which meant that I missed my lunch time kickboxing class. HOWEVER, I went to a later kickboxing class (430-530)!! My husband is awesome, he picked up our son and kept him for an extra hour to allow me the time to take the class. Thanks hon.

This class WAS CRAZY HARD Y'ALL!! I LOVED IT!! The Sensei(teacher) started off by saying, "After this class, you will be scraping your bodies off the floor!!" I was scurrrrrrrrred y'all!!!! And let me tell you...he was right. He's my Jiu-jitsu sensei (Sensei Derek from and this was my first kickboxing experience with him (and it won't be my last). I felt like I wanted to puke! I could barely catch my breath, my heart and lungs were on fire... it was awesome!!! I think I sweat, punched and kicked out all those toxins making me sick because once I showered, I felt fabulous!! Oh, the ab workout was off the chain crazy....

This evening, I made a delicious chicken and veggie (mushrooms, green & red peppers, onions and spinach) stir fry with a side of baked sweet potatoes. It was yummy!!!

So that's it for to bed...gotta catch up on my sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a kick ass day! :)

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE)


cmoursler said...

my heart and lungs were on fire, it was awesome...
um, right there, why I love you and your blog. lol.
You are an inspiration.
Keep up the awesome work. That one pound is a scale glitch.

South Beach Steve said...

Joania, very seldom am I tempted to take a class like this, but if I knew I could take one where I would be picking myself up off the floor at the end, I would have to consider it.

Fat[free]Me said...

Love your description of that class - glad you enjoyed it and that you are feeling better now!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are better!

Kat said...

Glad you are feeling better. Heres to a good week...:-)