Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh My Gosh, I Thought You'd Be Smaller!!!

Wow!! People just never cease to amaze me...good and bad! One of my "friends" bumped into me today and said, and I quote, "wow, you did lose a lot of weight, I've heard all about your journey from so many people, but I really thought you'd be smaller!!!"

"Uh, thank you,I think?!! What was I supposed to say to that? What I wanted to say was, "Oh my goodness, F U very much!" But I didn't, I just nodded and listened and waved goodbye and got out of there as soon as I could. Whatever. Yes, I lost a lot of weight but I do still weigh 191 pounds on this five-foot-five frame, so I'm still a big girl, but significantly healthier and happier plus I could probably kick her a** two ways from Sunday with some of my martial arts moves and strength training!!!LOL!! Kidding! Ah, it takes all kinds to make this world turn!!!

On another note, today, I pulled up those size 16 jeans without undo-ing the button or!! The journey continues and I'm smiling all the way to the finish line :D

Anyway, today was a good exercise and food day!!I'm excited because I'll be seeing my girlfriend Janet this weekend and really looking forward to it! Haven't seen her in a few months as she lives out of town.

Time seems to be flying by...I need to meet up with Rob(the best trainer in the world - I'm not just saying that so he'll go easy on my with this final workout and meal plan) LOL!! Seriously, he has been so kind to me with his knowledge, support and time!! He genuinely cares about me and my health and goals. He's awesome. If you haven't yet checked him out, this is his website here.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Girl, do not let that rude comment get you down.

Some people do not think before they speak.

I think you look sooooooo different. Your loss is a fantastic achievement.

If you see your "friend" again pass on a F U very much from me too!

Any good opportunities for me out there? I am thinking of making a big move.

The Road Curves Ahead said...

People are amazing in so many ways... sounds like your "friend" is amazingly annoying. Who says things like that to someone they know has lost a lot of weight?

purple_moonflower123 said...

Haters and their hateraid! So ridiculously annoying! You are doing awesome!

cmoursler said...

F U very much !!!!
You know, Your 'friend' may be jealous, you get those kind. Don't let her get you down, she will be the same and you are busting it out. Keep up the great work.

266 said...

Wow! Good on you for being so kind and not responding... not sure I would have had the restraint. You look fabulous and you know it though and, yeah, I bet you could kick her *ss!

Fat[free]Me said...

Some people! Grrrr!

Great NSV with the jeans tho - go you!

Tina xx said...

jealousy is an evil thing hunnie...I think your *friend* (I say that loosely), is suffering with a tinge of the green-eyed monster !!
You go girl !! Your doing so well, and dont you dare let that comment get you down !
Yay on the size 16's sliding on... 14's here you come x x

Anonymous said...

That kind of comment is intended to knock you down. Don't let it! You're right where you need to be right now.

South Beach Steve said...

I suspect she didn't mean it to be taken that way, but it sure sucks that she even said it. Sometimes people don't use very good judgement.

Sharon said...

WTH is wrong with people. Seriously, learn some manners people. You look fantastic.

Cannot wait to be pulling size 16 jeans on without using the zipper. That must be a great feeling.

I am off to download some running music for tomorrow :D

Kimmy said...

Do not let her ruin this for you!!!
You have done, and are doing AMAZING!
With support, and success comes some people with negative attitude, jealousy and contempt.
Take it, leave it, and use it to your advantage.

I have a 'family' member who constantly is mocking overweight people on facebook with her posts' and video's. Sometimes, it hard to see as you take it personally...I'm the most overweight of us in the 'family', so I take it as she is mocking/joking me too. However, ...'they know not what they do...'

Chin-up! As someone else in the 'family' once said to me: You are beautiful inside and out...which annoys the @#$%$## out of her! So I'm passing it on...


Kat said...

I have had "friends" like that too. As I move forward on this journey I think I no longer need those kind of friends in my life. People can be so clueless sometimes. I love your ideal response to them. Mind if I use it someday?...:-) Hope you are having a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how some people can give a back-handed "compliment" - whether it was conscious or subconscious, she intended to bring you down a notch. If you haven't seen her in so long that she had to hear about your journey from other people, there's a reason you aren't close to her. Keep it that way! Negativity not needed in these parts!: )

Natasha in TO

Lagana Fitness said...

Hi Joania, Let's rock the show !!!!!
Get READY to blast your last weeks, full of positive energy and GREAT SUCCESS !!! They are YOURS !

Mark E. Sackett, Brainfood Creative Programs, Articulation Films and The Box SF said...

hey stranger...I think you used the wrong word for your "Friend" that's not a friend in any way shape of form, that's simply someone you know!!! And...remember what I told you way back at te start of this? "Don't ever look back, you're not going that way!"

Your virtual friend!

-Mark E. Sackett

My 3 Month Challenge said...

You are AWESOME and you know it!!

With that 'friend'... she will regret making that comment if she isn't already. Maybe she'll make it her way and notice what a fool she's made out of herself for saying that.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound crazy but think about it. Maybe start posting other stats such as inches lost, body fat %, feeling, energy levels etc...Weightloss is not just about the Actual size of a person, it's more than that.
Thanks P.S (and more picture maybe?)

foolsfitness said...

Thanks for this post so much. I just got some pictures now and looked back at so starting ones. I honestly haven't seen a difference in me. Maybe more tan or less hair, yes... but only maybe a half a double chin maybe.

I guess for me I have to remember that being huge, well no one notices a bucket of water missing from an ocean. But someone did leave the water running at the grand canyon a while back and look at that hole now!!!

I recently took my measurements. I guess I should have a while back but things like an inch off your waist or 2 percent bodyfat drop can sort of sneak by you.

I was proud this morning when I had to pull my pants in with a clip so they wouldn't end up on the floor. I actually don't have the stomach for holding them up much longer!!!

At Foolsfitness we think "weightloss" is being able to cut in line at the checkout of the market. -Alan