Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weigh-in Saturday ~ Week 42

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Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 195 lbs (Sep26/09)
Current Weight: 192 lbs
This Week's Loss: 3 Pounds RETURNED!!!

Hi guys!!

AWESOME!! I stepped on the scale this morning and was so thankful to see that I RETURNED those 3 pounds I put on last week!! YEAH BABY!!! Back on track!!! The digital scale read 191.5, so it's actually 3.5 down..but that's cool ;0)

I'm thrilled about it!! Great news to take with me as I prepare to go into my very first 5K race tomorrow morning!!! Nothing but positive vibes!!! I picked up my run kit today (T-shirt and race number) so it's official, no backing out of this now.

I went for a nice walk this morning...nothing too strenuous, just to keep my muscles loose!! Today just relaxing in preparation for tomorrow!

I will be posting results and pics tomorrow...wish me luck!!

BTW, I misplaced my cell phone so if anyone has been sending text messages or trying to call I will not be available. I've asked the phone company to temporarily de-activate the phone until further notice. I have an idea of where it may be but I will need to check on Monday.

Until next time...

Joania (2KMINE!!!)


rusty61 said...

Good luck with your run tomorrow! You should be SO proud of yourself!!!!

Joania said...

Thanks Rusty61...I'm so excited, I just hope I'm able to sleep tonight!! :)

Lisa said...

Joania - CONGRATS girl!!!
You will doa GREAT job on your run!

- Lisa

South Beach Steve said...

Good luck in the 5k tomorrow!

Kat said...

Good luck with your Run tomorrow. I am looking forward to reading your blog,I found it from South Beach Steve. Enjoy the weekend and the run!

Kat said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. I just learned about you from Steve's friday spotlight and I look forward to reading your blog. I hope you have a wonderful run tomorrow!

kaitlin said...

Have a great time at your 5K tomorrow!!!

266 said...

Great loss... way to kick those pounds back to the curb! Good luck on the race tomorrow!!!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I hope the 5K this morning goes well! You will do great!

And congrats on returning those pounds where they belong. Awesome.

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