Thursday, August 27, 2009

WOW...Part 2

Well yesterday was a great day for me and I was amazed and somewhat humbled by a couple of the day's events , which I mentioned in yesterday's post. Well, the "wow-ness " continues today. I made a HUGE decision regarding my career today and feel really good about it! I am generally a very pensive individual...I usually mull things over for days on end, going over all possible scenarios and creating numerous "pros" and "cons" lists.

Well, of late I've been thinking and thinking and re-thinking about making a change regarding my career and today I just went for it!! I through caution to the wind and made a decision!! I listened to my gut (for once) and just went with it, whatever is left over will be worked out as time goes by. Can't say much more than that for now, but I just feel good and excited.....


Until next time....
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


CrowNology said...

What a fabulous blog. I didn't read it all but I've bounced around and I love your words.
I'm going to add you to my "Weight Loss Blogs I Respect" (ha) list. I look forward to reading about your future changes.
Your progress is amazing and inspiring. Your facial expression is the clincher.
You are welcome to scratch Newfoundland off your bucket list too...I'll be your tour guide! I live in St. John's but it's the rest of the province (esp. the coastal areas) that removes the oxygen from your lungs. The wow factor is high.
Good luck with your coming changes.

Sean Anderson said...

A product of your increased confidence no doubt!

what a wonderful thing!

My best

South Beach Steve said...

Okay, now you really have my curiosity up! :-)

Melissa said...

Good for you!! Can't wait to hear the details!