Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Weigh-In ~ Week 35...WTF????

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Starting Weight: 258 lbs (Dec 10/08)
Last Weigh In: 197 lbs (Aug 8/09)
Current Weight: 198 lbs
This Week's Loss: 1 POUND GAIN...WTF????

Total pounds lossed to date: 60!!!

Okay, I'm pissed off with this week's weigh-in, in addition to being frustrated and baffled. I stuck to my diet like you wouldn't believe with the exception of Wednesday, when I had a late breakfast and a multi-grain bagel for lunch. I never missed a work out, so WTF??? Why am I gaining weight!! I'm heading in the wrong direction, according to this feking scale!!!!

Okay, now that I got that off my chest...I realize that these things happen and the body does some weird and crazy things at times so I just need to keep my focus and move on!! A 1 pound gain is not that bad, I will bounce back. One of my friends told me that the weather has an impact as well. The last few days have been extremely hot and humid so this could just be my body holding on to some of that extra water/fluids I've been drinking - I don't know...whatever it is, IT SUCKS!! But I digress.

I will move forward. After this post, I will go and do my workout. This evening, I plan to go for my run. I've also decided to start taking pix of my food again (it takes a lot of effort to take those pix and load them) but I think it helped me to be that much more disciplined... I took pictures of my dinner last night and this mornings breakfast (see below).

So today, I'm not too thrilled with the results but this will just make me push harder.

Last nights dinner (curried chicken breast (roasted) with broccoli (lightly curried) and of course...WATER!!!

This morning's breakfast was a 3-egg (2 egg whites, 1 whole egg) omlet with spinach and green onions:

That's all for now...I don't know what I'm having for lunch as yet, but I will take a pic and post it maybe later on.

Until next time...



Serendipity said...

you are so not allowed to get discouraged or frustrated. do you know how hard it is to lose 60 lbs? you just pat yourself on the back and do not get disappointed!!! you are amazing. remember that. God is proud of you. He doesn't want you getting ridiculous...just awesome!

South Beach Steve said...

If I may be so bold Joania, you have nothing to be upset about. You know you have stuck close enough to plan to maintain or lose, but you gained. Write it off to one of those quirky things that occasionally happens. Next week you will probably more than make up for it. Realize, I am preaching to the choir here, as I would be equally unhappy with a gain, but if you know you followed the plan, then there is nothing to worry about.

Fat[free]Me said...

I know it is the hardest thing to see ever, but you know you are doing all the right things so the scales WILL catch up eventually.

Next week will be a lot better!

Beth said...

Sorry the scale didn't tell the true story! When we've following our plan all week, we all KNOW that it's not a TRUE reflection of our progress,and yet it still has a demoralizing effect on us! I dread the next time that happens to me and I know it will. Keep being strong!

Alison B said...

You know what often happens in hot, humid, weather? Water retention!! Unfortunately that can sometimes show on the scale... Drink lots of water and hopefully the temperature will moderate soon!